Thunderstruck-Hell Yeah Kindle World

 I had such fun teaming up my Texas cowboy architect, Nash Walker and Scottish para-psychologist, Dr. Somersby Ingler as they discover what fate has in store for them at the Evermore plantation in Sable's Louisiana Bayou country!

To resolve a plantations mysterious past, a Texas architect and a headstrong parapsychologist find themselves mirroring the passion of ghostly lovers caught in a storm of desire and deceit--leaving them…
Hell Yeah Kindle World novella
Texas born, Nash Walker hasn’t met a challenge yet that his southern charm, and cowboy diligence couldn’t tackle. From graduating top of his class to creating a world-class team of historical restoration specialists, or the recent purchase of a neglected grand dame plantation deep in Louisiana Bayou country.
But when the tenacious and beautiful, Scottish-born parapsychologist, Dr. Somer Ingler crosses his path in the throes of investigating his new home for paranormal activity, she brings a whole host of challenges from her strange ghostly friends to the powerful whirlwind she creates inside of him.
Determined to resolve the plantations mysterious past, they find themselves mirroring the passion of past lovers, caught in a raging storm of desire and deceit, leaving them in the end...thunderstruck!


He sighed and offered a congenial smile, along with the truth. “I have to confess, doc. I don’t believe in ghosts and all that mumbo-jumbo.” He crooked his fingers for emphasis. “I mean, yes, I know there are stories. But in my experience, the majority are just stories that you tell around a campfire on Halloween.”
“If you’re finished.” She handed him a mini-video camcorder. “Turn on the night vision button and you should be able to see everything quite clearly in the dark.”
“But, I just said…”
She tucked a small transistor-looking device in her pocket and held a miniature walkie-talkie in her hand. She jabbed a small flashlight in her mouth as she zipped up her hoodie.
Nash though his heart might stop all together at the sight of her perfect pink lips around the end of the flashlight.
“Mr. Walker. Please understand. Your inability, even your refusal to believe in the existence of the paranormal has no bearing whatsoever on whether it exists or not. In my world—my experience, it most certainly does exist.” She strode to the door and opened it. “Now, shall we go? All I ask is that you follow me and keep the camera running. Do you think you can manage that?”
Nash chuckled. Glasses and bossy. Could this get any better? He sure as hell hoped it would. He trotted down the steps after her, humming quietly the tune of the movie that brought ghost hunting back to life-so to speak. He was about to sing the chorus when she stopped suddenly and spun on her heel. He lifted the camera just in time that his body slammed into hers.
She didn’t budge an inch as she lifted on her toes, coming within inches of his face. “One more wise-crack, Mr. Walker and I may have to use my magic to put a spell on your dick.”
“Sorry,” he smiled. Little did she know, she already had.
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