The Hope that Wanted to Be a Prayer

(A Childrens Book of Hope for big people) 

As I watched the news evolve in 2020, amid the unknown concerns of Covid, the divisions happening on social media in our country, I began to write this story. Our lives have been altered, we've faced obstacles and heartbreak far more than we ever dreamt we might. But one thing has never in decades changed and that is HOPE.  But what happens when we can't see our Hope? Learn from Hope itself wherein lies our faith and discover your hope renewed.

What is it that inspires helping others? What is it that breathes life into faith? What is it that resonates deep inside the human spirit, giving rise to becoming better than our circumstances, overcoming the odds, seeing those in need, making right a wrong, defending the voiceless?

It is Hope.

Find out how Hope realizes his importance in the world and how it was inside of him all along.

*In Digital and Print


"Hope, poetically personified and illustrated as a paper airplane, flies through the day encountering different people and situations and eventually learns his place in the world."-Amazon Reviewer

"The simple truth of hope in the midst of everything reminded me to hang in! To send up a paper airplane prayer and have Faith they maybe just maybe things will be okay! Excellent wisdom, illustrations and concepts! "-Kathy (Amazon Reviews)

"Reading this book was like receiving a much-needed hug at a time when I desperately need one."-Amazon Reviewer

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