Features: Dalton and Angelique
Meet Wyatt, Rein, and Dalton~
the formidable men of the Kinnison Legacy. 

When tragedy strikes the lives of three
 young boys, they are placed under the
care of wealthy cattle baron, Jed Kinnison.
He raises the three as his own, leaving
everything to them, including a special
 dream he had for the ranch.

Dalton Kinnison. Rebel. Renegade. Good-timin’ man. It’s never bothered him until recently. Life as he’s known it changed in a heartbeat. Now both his brothers are married and suddenly, he’s an uncle! It’s enough to turn this dyed-in-the-wool bachelor on his heel and run as far from the ranch as possible. Until his past returns, looking more beautiful and wanting even less to do with him than before—except in bed. Dalton finds himself fighting for more. He’s always been the one to make excuses, now he’s fighting to convince the woman he loves that he’s worth the risk. But will the secret she’s hidden from everyone, including him threaten the future that Dalton never knew he wanted?
Angelique Juarez spent her childhood caring for an alcoholic mother; her young adult life in an abusive relationship that nearly cost her everything she loved. Fate offers her a second chance with a plea bargain and a divorce to begin life anew. Once recovered from her injuries--physical and mental--she returns to End of the Line with no one the wiser of her previous life. But her school age crush on bad boy Dalton Kinnison is rekindled when their paths cross again and this time, the man who never noticed her, is out to prove that he’s grown to be a real good man! But as things heat up between them, Angelique fears that the secrets she’d hoped to keep  hidden in her past all these years are about to catch up to her.
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What readers are saying about the Kinnison series:

"I love this series!! The bond between the brothers with all the family dynamics makes the reader feel like they've known them forever. It touched my heart as the story of redemption and forgiveness played out! Can't wait to see where this series goes next!!"~Kathy, Amazon reviews

"I have really enjoyed this series from the beginning to the end. Amanda can truly write a good cowboy love story. Three books, three brothers, if not by blood then by circumstance, have come full circle in these wonderful cowboy stories."~WendyM, Vampires, Werewolves, & Fairies, Oh My! reviews

"Oh Dalton so resistant to the love his brothers found....the third installment in the Kinnison Legacy doesn't disappoint. Enough drama to not expect a cookie-cutter story and an ending that wraps the series up perfectly! Highly recommended!"~Chrissy, Amazon reviews

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