PJ McIntyre

    PJ McIntyre                                                                       

PJ McIntyre is the faith-inspired half of bestselling romance fiction author Amanda McIntyre. Nurturing an approach to faith with child-like wonder, and as an artist who loves finding beauty in the ordinary, PJ’s stories celebrate faith, hope, and love in daily life with the uplifting hope that you will find gratitude, joy, and peace for your journey.

I invite you to check out my first book written at the onset of the Covid crisis.

The Hope That Wanted to be a Prayer.

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From PJ:
The past few months since the passing of my soulmate, best friend has not been an easy, but God is good, and with patient gentleness He has shown me how present He was/is and always be in my life. Leaning into God' grace and strength has given me the promise that my husband of 43+ years is as close to me as the beating of my heart and that one day- just up around the bend- I'll see him again. 

I have learned:

The loss of someone we love or that we’re close to, can take a huge toll on the human spirit, even one who believes fiercely that God is their rock.

That you have to give yourself time and grace to process and trust your joy again. 

Even in the darkness, God is there. He is there in the aftermath, in the silent dark void. Through the anger, desperation, and loneliness

And you can have a quiet joy, but happiness is not the same thing.

And that kindness is the greatest catalysts for healing. Just a glimmer of hope can spark faith and faith can ignite into peace, purpose that will gently prompt your heart to beat again.