Kinnison Legacy Books

Meet Wyatt, Rein and Dalton

the formidable men of the 
Kinnison Legacy Trilogy

When tragedy strikes the lives of three young
 boys, they are placed under the care of wealthy
 cattle baron, Jed Kinnison. He raises the three
as his own, leaving everything to them,
including a special dream he had for the ranch.

Rugged, quiet, hardworking, Wyatt takes being oldest of the Kinnison family seriously. Scarred early on by the women he’d once trusted his heart to, His sole responsibility now is the welfare of his brothers and the ranch entrusted to them by his stepdad. Forget about things as foolish as love. But that was before he met Aimee and realized a man should never say never to a determined second grade teacher.

Losing her twin sister in a tragic car accident prompts vivacious, resilient Aimee Worth to live out her sister’s dream of teaching in a tiny community in End of the Line, Montana. But she never suspected she’d find her Mr. Right. He just doesn’t know it yet. Determined, her spirit shatters perceptions that have kept him isolated from life, proving that when it comes to love, the greatest risk is not taking one.   


Haunted by a tragic past Rein pours himself into creating his Uncle's altruistic goal of making the Last Hope Ranch a haven for the hurt and lost. But a beautiful stranger in the form of a half-sister to the men he calls his brothers arrives and turns his world upside down, bringing with her unseen dangers, not only to his heart, but to the ranch and his family!

 Liberty’s presence is a surprise to the family she’s never met and while she yearns to belong, she knows her presence is a reminder of their painful past. Fearless, she dives in, losing her heart to the ranch, to the community and to an unexpected summer fling that turns to love, only to find that her dangerous past is about to catch up to her and threaten everyone and everything she has come to love.




Dalton has the reputation as a good-timin’man. But this past year his life was upended. With both brothers now married, its’ enough to make this bachelor turn on his heel and run. Until the past waltzes back into town, looking more beautiful and less interested than when last they met. Dalton, usually on the run from relationships, finds himself trying to convince Angelique that he’s a keeper. And while her kisses imply her attraction, she’s holding something back and Dalton’s determined to find out her secret.

Angelique’s past is the topic of an afternoon talk show—caring for an alcoholic mother, involved in an abusive relationship that nearly cost her and her daughters lives. Fate offers her a second chance to turn things around, but when she returns to End of the Line, sparks fly between her and Dalton and threaten to reveal secrets that could change their lives forever.

All I Want for Christmas
A Kinnison Legacy holiday novella

Persistence. Peril. Parenthood.
Not necessarily in that order.
Rein Mackenzie is doing his darnedest to give Liberty her wish of starting a family. Ready for action every time his wife’s ringtone—Wild Thing—summons him, the man is giving parenthood his best shot.
Liberty Mackenzie knows she and her husband have had their share of heartache in the baby department, but both feel certain it’s only a matter of patient persistence before they get what they want. And Rein, bless his heart, can be very persistent.
But just before Christmas, when fate offers them the chance to test drive parenthood with taking in a young boy to care for whose life is more complicated than it should be, they realize that having a child and raising a child are two very different challenges that every good parent faces.

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“A classic in the making”… Kimberly, Book Obsessed Chicks Book Club “Ms. McIntyre always produces excellently written books with intriguing characters and heartwarming stories. I highly recommend this book and look forward to more stories in the Kinnison Legacy series.” ~Margie, Amazon Book reviews

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