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Welcome to SAPPHIRE FALLS—a tiny Midwestern gem overflowing with small-town charm. Visitors are encouraged to enjoy happy hour at the Come Again bar, a tasty treat at Scott’s Sweets, a country-music-infused party at the river with a mason jar of legendary Booze, or even join in the fun at one of the annual town festivals, where the locals specialize in making you feel right at home.

But fair warning: Love is always in the air, and visitors tend to fall quickly—for the town and its inhabitants. You may not be looking for happily ever after…but in Sapphire Falls, happily ever after might come looking for you.

GOING HOME-Sapphire Falls Kindle World
Release date: October 25,2016
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Kasey Seagren left Sapphire Falls in search of finding her fame and fortune through her music. Tragedy at home forces her to return to face her past and in going home, she discovers that maybe what she needs has always been in her own backyard.
A home-grown country boy, Cooper Evans had always placed home, family and his friends as a priority in his life. But his heart was stolen years before by a young woman with a gypsy’s heart and he never fully recovered. Now she’s back and he’d determined to end her wandering and prove that in his arms is where she belongs.
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