Friday, November 15, 2019

Celebrating my first published Contemporary western romance with a FREE book!

"Navigating the world with a little swagger and a lot of grace"

Read more about my writers journey and snag my first published contemporary western  inspired by Brad Paisley's song "She said Yes" today at Get Lost in a Story blog

Thank you,readers!


Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Welcome December! Mr. December, that is!




Newly appointed Sheriff J.C. Nash has more on his plate than investigating a mysterious fire that’s destroyed End of the Line’s beloved library. Olivia Evans, the girl he helped save from criminal mischief charges back in high school even as she crushed his heart is all grown up and back in town. Worse than the sparks that still fly between them is J.C.’s fear that they will ignite a passion he won’t be able to walk away from--like she did to him, all those years ago.

Olivia once believed if she kept moving fast enough, her family’s dark secrets wouldn’t catch up to her. But when she comes back home to End of the Line to care for her ailing mother, she’s forced to face her painful past and face the man—now sheriff—she ran from all those years ago. Unexpectedly, the town and its people begin to creep back into Olivia’s heart, giving her the sense of belonging she’s longed for. But when things start to heat up between her and the sexy sheriff, how can she convince him to trust that she won’t leave again?

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Look who's hanging by a thread for the next Last Hope Ranch novel!

My 'spidey' sense tell me there is something wonderful on the horizon!

Stay Tuned: Mr. December  A Last Hope Ranch Novel

I'll be hanging by a thread while I wait for November 1 !!

Monday, August 19, 2019

Stories of the Heart-Amanda at the Fair

"Our  State Fair is a great State Fair,
Don't miss it, don't even be late!"~ Rogers & Hammerstein

Of course, I'm talking about the granddaddy--the oldest and largest agricultural and industrial expositions in all of America...
The Iowa State Fair!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Dreams Do Come True--Recapping the first annual Book Lovers Conference 2019 New Orleans!

It's not often you get to see a dream come true unfold right before your eyes.
But it happened this May in the beautiful and historic New Orleans as the city played host to the first annual Booklovers. Con 2019!!

It was great to see old friends and meet new at this more intimate conference that truly brought together authors and readers in a splendid array of  dinners, small events, workshops, and social times, still leaving time to get together and visit!

From the spectacular evening events, the Fantasy & Faery Gathering, the Voodoo Vampire Club, and BLC Book Bash-- there was no end to the wonderful food, music, dancing, books and swag shared!!
Faery & Fantasy Gathering # BLC19

Ogham banners at the ready
#BLC19 Faery & Fantasy Gathering

Red Nose Guests
#BLC19 Book Bash Dinner/Dance
*the lovely snow white haired woman out-danced us all!

Faery & Fantasy Gathering Hosts #BLC19

Jessica B. and me
Raffle winner #BLC19 Book Signing

Faery & Fantasy Gathering #BLC19

Ruth, Glenda, and me
#BLC19 Book Signing

The wonderful Cathy Matuszak and me
Morning Start w/ Muffins BLC19

Fantasy & Faery Gathering BLC19
C.H. Admirand & Amanda

Jazz Fest w/ Kimberly Marion & Jameca Ortiga

BLC19 Book Signing
Amanda McIntyre w/Kimberly Marion

Jo Carol Jones & Me
Brainstorming FF & G #BLC19

Already plans are being put into motion for yet another trip off my bucket list--

I hope to see many of you there!!
Learn more at ;

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Excerpt Tuesday- Amanda McIntyre at Get Lost in a Story Blog

Mr. December
A Last Hope Ranch Novel
(Watch for it this holiday 2019!)

Cover reveal and first kiss scene 
(hubba hubba)

Only at Get Lost in a Story Blog today!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2019


Starting on March 25 (yes, I chose Monday on purpose!) #storiesoftheheart launched with a wonderful story from Jane Lange!


I've  decided to launch my own grassroots effort to find stories that share positive

Over the past year, I admit I have stayed away from the social media as much as my work has allowed. I have grown weary of the negativity, nauseated at the back-biting and bullying .

#storiesoftheheart are stories of hope, empowerment, encouragement, faith, positive vibes,--feel-good stories that I hope restore your faith in humankind.

Stories from all walks of life, many experiences, and the wisdom and perspective of age. I hope they enrich your lives as much as I know they will enrich mine.

There is no promotion. No giveaways. No prizes, other than what may touch your heart in the process.

I invite you to check out  #STORIESOFTHEHEART
on Mondays @