Friday, November 16, 2018

Worth the Wait if finally here!!

Welcome back to End of the Line!

Hank is ready to set the date. Julie likes the way things are. Can love overcome the pain of the past and prove that it’s all been…worth the wait?

Julie and her sons moved to End of the Line after a dangerous encounter with her abusive husband led to a rescue by her brother, Clay and an old friend, Hank. Over time, her relationship with Hank takes a turn and when he unexpectedly proposes, she is forced to face the battle between her heart and her newfound freedom.

Hank hadn’t seen the woman he held a secret crush on in years, but when her brother asks his help in a dangerous hostage stand-off, he is there in a heartbeat, even taking a bullet to protect Julie and her kids. But will these rekindled feelings Hank has be enough to hold against the time that Julie needs to adjust to her new life and, will Hank decide that it’s worth the wait?

Hank and Julie's story is fraught with tension, small town drama, danger, adventure, and hope...

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This long-awaited next book in the Last Hope Ranch series features the lovable characters of End of the Line and the Kinnison Legacy trilogy, as well as some new characters to the mix!

Like Betty says," Folks looking for a new beginning often wind up at End of the Line."

The Legacy continues! 

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