Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Sneak Peek: WORTH THE WAIT by Amanda McIntyre

The Kinnison Legacy Trilogy
When tragedy strikes the lives of three young boys, they are placed under the care of wealthy cattle baron, Jed Kinnison. He raises the three as his own, leaving everything to them, including a special dream he had for the ranch.

Last Hope Ranch (series)
A string of cabins built next tot the ranch built by Rein, Dalton , and Wyatt to fulfill Jed Kinnison's dream. Renamed Last Hope Ranch in Jed's memory, it is a sanctuary set in the beautiful ranch country of End of the Line, Montana to those in need of healing, and second chances.

End of the Line (small town series)
Stories of the characters--some secondary you've come to know in the books above and a few new residents. A hefty slice of small town drama, romance , and more in the once historic mining town. Folks tend to find themselves at END OF THE LINE.

by Amanda McIntyre
Coming 2018
“Too soon?” By the look on Julie’s started face, Hank Richardson figured he’d damn well jumped the gun. Then again, to his defense, in the last year and a half since Julie and her two boys had come to live at the Last Hope Ranch, he’d thought things had progressed to where the idea seemed approachable.
Apparently, not as much as he’d hoped.
He felt bad. There was nowhere—short of a parachute—that the poor woman could go. He’d taken her up in his plane, of all things, thinking that a pass over the beautiful Crazy Mountains against a perfect late summer sunset would be the perfect setting to pop the question. So much for perfect.
Hank withdrew the small blue velvet box that held the pear-shaped two caret Tiffany diamond inside. His idea of a romantic marriage proposal disappearing as quickly as the orange sun on the horizon.
“No. I’m sorry,” she stammered, holding her hand to her heart. She looked like she might be ill.  I just…I wasn’t--”
“Say no more,” he said, pocketing the ring in his denim shirt pocket.
She reached over and touched his forearm. “Hank, I’m flattered—speechless, in fact. It’s just…”
“I’m moving too fast, right?” God, he’d have married her a week after her divorce from that psychotic excuse of husband. He’d waited, deciding it was worth the wait. Then again, maybe his sister, Caroline had been right when she accused him of having ‘white knight’ syndrome.
“Hank,” Julie said softly. “You know how much I care about you. You’ve been so good to me and the boys since we moved here.”
He raised his brow. That much was true. He’d flown her brother Clay Saunders to California and had wound up taking a bullet in the shoulder during the daring rescue wherein her husband had been holding her and their sons’ hostage in some domestic dispute.
“You made all the arrangements for us to move here--you and Clay.” She sighed. “And I’m forever grateful.”
Grateful? Oh hell, he’d really gotten it wrong. He tossed her a quick 
glance, not wanting to let her see his disappointment. Hank had secretly fallen in love with her the first time they’d met in college. 

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