Friday, April 1, 2016

Author Tested and Approved!! New segment: Quality review and Author Promotion sites!

Keeping your name in front of readers has never been a more important task for an author--whether you're published by traditional press, as an Independently published author or even a hybrid (a combo of both worlds).
Quality promotion is important. Fair and professional reviews are important.
 Ask any author!
So I thought it a good idea to share a few of these places. Perhaps you're a reader looking to get into doing reviews? I started out as a reviewer myself, eventually deciding I wanted to try to write romantic fiction. And even if you just love to read, reviewing is a way to open up your horizons and read a wide variety of authors! With as many genres-sub-genres out there today--its like a proverbial box of chocolates. But it takes skill and organization to run a review site.
As you're about to find out...

From the latest releases in many genres including Kids and YA, CBR also offers a new page with resources the Indie author frequently is searching for trusted resource sites!
Check this site out for yourself!
Looking for a way to reach new readers?

Try BOOK-A-LICIOUS Newsletter!
 This is the sister Newsletter to CBR!!
Featuring New releases, Free and Discounted reads, other Advertising opportunities and more--its a great way to affordably go beyond your own newsletter to reach new readers!

If you know of a quality review or author promotion site, email me at and perhaps it may be featured on my blog!


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