Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pick up all three for your Summer TBR pile!!!

Authors: Tina Wainscott, Crystal Perkins,
Amanda McIntyre, Hailey J. Bissell
Tina DeSalvo, Sabrina York,
Carole Nelson Douglas and
Kathryn Falk, Lady of Barrow

The Excelsior Hotel and Casino. Built in Las Vegas in 1960 by mobster Louis “The Lip” LaFica. 
For decades the towering hotel has been the subject of incredible stories and rumors that have kept it in the public eye the world around.  Why have so many lovers been mysteriously, magically, magnetically drawn to this magnificent edifice?  And why now have so many bestselling authors at last come together to reveal the adventures of these lovers who have stayed at the glorious Excelsior?
The Way You Look Tonight/A. McIntyre
Features Aidan Macguire and Lucynda Cavannaugh
He sits above the never-ending neon luster of Las Vegas, where he’s watched and waited for centuries having power, wealth, immortality—even an honorary member of the famed Rat Pak, whose spirits never really left Vegas. He has it all--everything, except Lucynda.
The only woman to make his cold blood run hot—the woman who refused him once—and whom he has waited centuries to meet again.
Will a phone call requesting his help in a preservation charity event finally be his chance to seduce the lovely Lucynda and make her forever his?
Authors: Christina Skye, Pamela Morsi,
Linda Parisi, Jeff Depew, Lori Avocato,
Connie C Wilson, Matthew Kauffman
and CH Admirand
Authors: Heather Graham,
 Lance Taubold & Richard Devin,
Doris Parmett, Jennifer St Giles,
Kimberly Cates,Tara Nina,
Ed DeAngelis,and Rebecca Paisley


Saturday, April 23, 2016

Post RT BOOKLOVERS conference!

Back and marginally recovered from the 2016 RT Booklovers Conference in Vegas! After missing last year, it was wonderful to see old friends again and have the chance to work and meet some wonderful new friends.

Kudos have to be extended to Ken and Kathryn, Carol Stacy, Jo Carol Jones, Johnny and the amazing RT crew that make this convention look effortless in its daily schedule. Special applause to Diane Stacey, Cindy Walker, their dedicated staff of hard-working volunteers and Pete at Andersen's Books for their enormous job of pulling off one of the largest conference book signings around.
RT Staff, Patty Harrison and Jill Brager
work hard to keep the conference machine rolling.

Few know the enormous amount of work that goes on behind the scenes not only all year prior to the conference, but also in the staging days before and during the conference. It's a constant responsibility that is not for the faint-of-heart and Jo and her seasoned crew every year handle it with amazing dexterity and grace.

I had the good fortune to work and see the amazing creativity of Arleen, Mary and the gifted models and staff of who transformed our Viva La Historical! event into an amazing travel through time with their décor and costuming!
Décor by

So much happened that it seemed the week flew by! I got to party once more with those rowdy women in Cowboy Corral! And sitting next to the delightfully funny BJ Daniels and getting to know more about her "traveling cowboys" was a special treat this year!

I was thrilled to once again be part of C.H. Admirand's Sweet, Sassy, Spicy meet & greet event where we had a great time spinning the authors through a speed-dating style forum so we could visit with every event attendee! As always, there was mimosas, laughter, a few cover models and fun was had by all!

I am blessed to have an amazing graphic artist in Original Syn ( Syneca's Featherstone) whose work graced one of the windows along the convention walkway this year! It was a magnificent graphic that garnered lots of compliments! Thank you again, Syn!

This year was the premiere of Cirque du Punk-led by none other than the gifted RG Alexander and Eden Bradley. They and a number of talented author hosts put on a spectacular event that had everyone in costume, including me! Great costume, but lesson in Halloween style makeup for me as I suffered a severe allergic reaction to the white mime makeup! I'm much better now, but from now on simple makeup for this author!!
Costume for Cirque du Punk.
I am honored to be included in a special three book anthology project by 13Thirty Publishing with a number of my friends and gifted authors with partial proceeds benefitting Friends Fighting Cancer and also LEAN--a horse rescue project near Las Vegas.
Both charities well worth the price of the book!!
You can find my story--THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT--a vampire paranormal with a twist in Book 3 of the set--along with Tina Wainscott, Crystal Perkins, Hailey Bissell, Tina DeSalvo, Sabrina York, Carole Nelson Douglas, and Lady of Barrow, Kathryn Falk.
Buy now at Amazon
And so another RT Booklovers conference is placed into the history books. Blessings to all the wonderful readers, booksellers, librarians, and authors I met. Hope to see you next year! Already the ideas for the 2017 conference are brewing in the minds of authors!
Atlanta--prepare to be invaded!
Until next time~

Friday, April 1, 2016

Author Tested and Approved!! New segment: Quality review and Author Promotion sites!

Keeping your name in front of readers has never been a more important task for an author--whether you're published by traditional press, as an Independently published author or even a hybrid (a combo of both worlds).
Quality promotion is important. Fair and professional reviews are important.
 Ask any author!
So I thought it a good idea to share a few of these places. Perhaps you're a reader looking to get into doing reviews? I started out as a reviewer myself, eventually deciding I wanted to try to write romantic fiction. And even if you just love to read, reviewing is a way to open up your horizons and read a wide variety of authors! With as many genres-sub-genres out there today--its like a proverbial box of chocolates. But it takes skill and organization to run a review site.
As you're about to find out...

From the latest releases in many genres including Kids and YA, CBR also offers a new page with resources the Indie author frequently is searching for trusted resource sites!
Check this site out for yourself!
Looking for a way to reach new readers?

Try BOOK-A-LICIOUS Newsletter!
 This is the sister Newsletter to CBR!!
Featuring New releases, Free and Discounted reads, other Advertising opportunities and more--its a great way to affordably go beyond your own newsletter to reach new readers!

If you know of a quality review or author promotion site, email me at and perhaps it may be featured on my blog!