Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Legend continues...

There is more happening in END OF THE LINE, MONTANA!!
 The Last Hope Ranch was Jed Kinnison's dream and his boys (Wyatt, Rein, and Dalton) made certain his legacy would continue!

Sally Andersen has spent her life teaching school kids and being caretaker for her ailing father. Alone after five years, she sees her friends marry and start families and having no success in the dating department, decides she, too, wants a family…just not in the conventional way.
Serving overseas left Clay Saunders with no leg, PTSD, survivor guilt, more pity than he wants, and no idea about his future. Asked to be a part of a charity bachelor auction by End of the Line’s fiery redheaded music teacher, Clay doesn’t expect the spark the hope of a normal life inside of him at her unusual request…
She wants a baby.

Coming Spring 2016!



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