Friday, October 23, 2015

Why do I write?

 (Read isn't as boring as it may sound;)

 I started out writing a non-fiction weekly newspaper column on the importance of the Fine Arts in our schools (that was back in the day when those areas were on the chopping block of many schools to save money) thank goodness for organizations like Save the Music started by musician's and MTV !

From there , I started to pick up books and read for pleasure again, which then led to a few years being a reviewer for small magazines and online. Having saved each review, its fun now to go back and say  " I knew her when..." --Gena Showalter, Patricia Rasey--are just a couple of authors I did "early on" reviews for. Kinda fun;)

So here I am over a decade later. I've written for both small and large houses in the industry, met scores of wonderful authors (and not all just because of their books) and I find myself at times asking myself why do you do this? Why does any author write?

It is thrilling yes, to finally have a book in the top ten of a genre--forget the naysayers who say it doesn't really matter. No, I haven't hit the NYT or even USA yet--but I'd like to!

Every step is validation of your work. (Insert here any profession) the emails from readers who want to know when the next book is coming out. The reviews that passionately , professionally make you aware that you've touched a nerve. The awards, and accolades. The joy and inspiration of that next cover that just nails the imagery of your story. The sadness when you know that you have to place "the end" on that story of your heart and send it out to play with others.

The gratitude and humility that comes when a group of people chooses to help support your work by both reading your work and promoting it--just because they see something there worth their time.

Some people are meant to teach, others to heal, still others face dangers everyday --real and present--watching over us all. I write. From what I believe, what I know, what I've learned, what I hope for...

Each one of you [readers] is a gift to me. I've said countless times that you inspire me. Your passion for books, your love of reading stories of bravery, romance, overcoming obstacles, redemption, hope--of opening yourself to the emotions contained in those stories. I'm not kidding.

As long as there are readers like you all , I will continue to share my stories. I have lots more to tell.

Happy reading & cowboy dreams

~storyteller at heart~

Coming December 28 in RING IN A COWBOY--LOST & FOUND

Cole and Anna didn't believe that a spring break affair could lead to anything to anything lasting. But ten years later--fate gives first love a second chance.