Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ridin the storm out~

It's been a bit of a challenging spring with the passing of my mom. Someone said to me that we're getting to that age where we suddenly become orphans. I'd never thought of it that way, but it certainly gives one pause to consider how fleeting our time on this big blue marble really is.

This year also happens to be a biggie in terms of milestone class reunions. In the past we've planned reunions in the summer months, but this year, we've chosen to hold our reunion on the most appropriate of weekends--Homecoming.

Appropriate,too, that our class motto was Ridin' the Storm Out (Reo Speedwagon)

The retrospection, memories, the choices, the challenges--all fit perfectly into the story line of my current WIP--the long-awaited RENEGADE HEARTS 
(P.S.  I thank readers profusely for your patience!) 

Renegade Heart's is a story about the choices--at times reckless, but somehow justified-- and how life can change on a dime.  And its about second chances, how life comes full circle and if we're lucky, we get the chance to do things right.

As in all the Kinnison books the dynamics of close-knit family and a strong community come into play as does the integrity, loyalty and dedication to their legacy of those three formidable Kinnsion brothers, Wyatt, Dalton and Rein.

This is Dalton's story--the rebel-- and undeniably my favorite type of hero to write. Complex, brooding--a seductive layering of passion, anger and pride, coated with  delicious sense of what is right, determination, loyalty and all-male sexiness.

He drives women wild and knows it, yet can't get the attention of the one woman who's returned from his past and the current cause of his sleepless nights. 

Its a juicy, complex meeting of two very bruised-by-life and passionate people, looking to find the very happiness that everyone around them seems to have. Yet can they get past whats happened before and find enough to build a future?

~*~Coming this summer~*~
Angelique and Dalton's story.

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