Thursday, September 25, 2014


The days are a bit cooler and the leaves are beginning to turn. Autumn is here and I'm not entirely sure where summer went...

Looking back, there were many special moments, stretching as far back as late Spring when I once more visited one of my favorite cities--NEW ORLEANS.
While seeing old friends and meeting new readers is one of the loveliest things about this convention, this year I took a little time to tromp around this gorgeous city where the people are down-home friendly, the food is amazing, and everywhere you turn is dripping with history!

I finally can scratch off St Louis Cemetery #1 off my bucket list! My fascination with headstones and cemeteries is something few know about me. (Now Monica, Kimberly, and Meeca know!) These hallowed grounds represent so much of who were are/were as a people--far beyond the spiritual realm they delve into tradition, family, wealth, status. I guess we all want to be remembered for something.
 Walking the French Quarter with Dave and CH Admirand, , visiting the various shops and restaurants, strolling the boardwalk, and seeing Pirates Alley--getting book recommendations from shopkeepers, and a day of touring plantations along the river with my buddy, Sharon Murphy and being treated to our tour guides rendition of "Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte"  At Houmas House Plantation still brings "goosies " to my arms!

In June, we were able to round up the whole family and visit Orlando Disney! It was the first time in 17 years we'd all been on vacation together ! We had a great time, bringing away many cherished memories that we have in a very special two edition set of bound books made by our children of that trip!

In August, I flew to Washington DC to spend time with good friend, Sahara Kelly and take my first Amtrak ride from there to Charlotte, NC. What a delightful trip! I'm sold on trains! In Charlotte I experienced my first AUTHORS AFTER DARK convention. Smaller in scale, it is a great venue for authors and readers to really experience one on one time together. I loved seeing so many old friends, and one of its highlights was getting to meet a few of my street team members as well as a dear friend I met years ago online when I started with Harlequin Spice. One of the sweetest women you'll ever meet, it was like meeting a long-lost sister. She and her husband were so kind and wonderful to stop through Charlotte on their way back home. Special moments like this were at every turn it seemed--

Now we're heading into fall! With the change of seasons, I thought it was time to re-release the first book in my Shores of Mackinac series-Look for TIDES OF AUTUMN coming late October!! A story about second chances, betrayal and intrigue! Set on magnificent Mackinac Island, I wanted to give my new readers a chance to read this story that I so love!

RENEGADE HEARTS is also in the works! Dalton Kinnison is the third Kinnison brother and by far, the most stubborn and feisty! What's it going to take to tame this renegade? The answer just might surprise you! Watch for RENEGADE HEART in early 2015!

Until next time~
Kindness matters~