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"A classic in the making" 

~ Kimberly Rocha, Book Obsessed Chicks Book Club Reviews

Hot cowboys. The term alone brings a host of images to mind. Cowboy butts. Rough, calloused hands. Unshaven, strong jawlines. A sexy glint in adventurous, no-fear eyes. It’s enough to get your swoon on!!
Rugged Wyatt Kinnison, eldest of the three non-traditional brothers of the men of the Kinnison Legacy is the epitome of “Swoon.” Tall, dark, handsome, scarred by more than one woman’s betrayal, he’s now a loner who possesses integrity, grit and a fierce loyalty to family. He’s a formidable challenge to the second grade teacher who meets him by chance when she gets lost and must ask directions, one dark winters night. Between a dangerous winter storm, an unexpected field trip, and a near tragedy averted--poor Wyatt doesn’t realize until put to the test, how determined Aimee Worth can be when she sets her mind to what she wants.

Set-up: Aimee readies to ask Wyatt to go for coffee after running into him at the grocery store. It’s the second time they’ve met and she can’t figure out why he seems so guarded—

She shrugged. “Denise says I’m lucky you acknowledge me at all. Quite the reputation with the ladies you must have around here, Slick.”
“My name isn’t Slick and Denise should mind her business.” He shifted the groceries in his crates so they wouldn’t tip over on the way back home. Where he needed to head soon before….
“I was wondering if you’d care to join me for a cup of coffee?”
Before that happened. “No, I don’t think so.”
“Do I scare you, cowboy?”
He let out a quiet laugh. “You certainly have quite the mouth on you.”
“That’s not a joke, is it?” she asked.
He slammed the gate of the truck bed. “Look, it’s been a pleasure. Thanks for the apple thing.” He started to leave.
“Oh my gawd. I just figured it out. You don’t like women. Of course, it all makes sense now.”
Wyatt walked to the back of the truck where she stood and stared at her. “What are you talking about?”
She blinked at him, her eyes bright with wonder. “I don’t know why I didn’t see it before. You hardly come to town, you prefer keeping to yourself. It must be difficult.”
He clamped his hand on the tailgate and pushed his face to hers. Of all the damn foolishness. “What must be difficult?” Wyatt took a deep breath and waited patiently, his gaze locked to hers.
“’Course it’s just as hard for single women. Don’t get me wrong. I do understand. My dad calls this place the land that time forgot. But for a guy with alternative preferences it must be—”
His brows shot up. “What?” he spat out in utter surprise. Does she really think…?
She leaned forward, studying him with those beautiful eyes. “It’s okay. I have no problem with it. You know, I think we could be really good friends, just the same.”
She shrugged. “Sure, why not? I accept your choices.”
“Oh well.” He chuckled with an odd sense of wonder at her gutsiness. “That’s mighty big of you.”
Her mouth turned down. “Look I’m just trying to be nice. Everybody gets lonely now and again.”
“I don’t.” At least if he did, he hadn’t thought about it in a long while. Which wasn’t the point. Good Lord, did people really think he was a Brokeback Mountain man?”
She tipped her head and gave him a sweet look of pity.
“Oh for gawd’s sake, this is ridiculous.” He wasn’t sure exactly what it was he intended to prove by his knee-jerk reaction, but the next thing he knew, he’d grabbed her fluffy, pink coat by the shoulders and captured her mouth in a kiss. His immediate thought was to end all question about his lifestyle choices, the second, a realization that while it was a horrid idea, parts much lower found it quite exhilarating.

Find out if Aimee “wrangles” this rough and rugged cowboy in RUGGED HEARTS, Book I of the Kinnison Legacy!

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