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On the Front Porch, Mackenzie McKade!!

Today on the front porch we have another of the talented women involv ed in the HOT new series at Samhain called WHISPERING COVE!

I've known Mac through meeting at RT when we served on the faery court together and ever since we've been booksigning buddies due to our last name placement;) I told Mac this year at RT that I swiped her Mackenzie name when creating Rein Mackenzie--my tormeted cowboy hero in Rustlers Heart (Book #2-the Kinnson Legacy series!)

But enough about cowboys (though Mac is great at those too!) Lets get to know more about her first! mac , tell us about you!

Mackenzie: Born and raised in the deserts of Arizona, I love the mountains and lakes. If I'm not at the computer writing or buried nose deep in a book you’ll find me camping, or on a four-wheeler, or a jet ski, or being pulled behind a boat on an oblong tube called a ‘hot dog’ laughing my butt off.
My greatest accomplishment is my family. I have a wonderful husband of almost thirty years, three beautiful girls and three devilishly handsome grandsons who keep me on my toes!
As writing is a passion with many—it’s an obsession with me. Who knew that the wild things going on in my head someone would actually read? But I'm thankful you do and hope you find joy and entertainment in the sometimes—okay most of the time—risqué ramblings.
What inspired you to write this particular story?
Mackenzie: I love Brody, my hero from my first Whispering Cove book (Wild), so when Cathryn and Nikki and I agreed to write another series it seemed only natural to write about his brother. Reece's character was already formulated in my head, so he was a natural for me. I had already established his career, his carefree attitude, all I needed was a heroine that would keep him jumping. I knew I had to have a self-assured, strong and independent woman.

Every story needs conflict, so what better way to introduce it then forbidden love. With that thought Tabatha Taylor or Tabby who is the sister of Reece's best friend, his very protective best friend, arose.  Tabby has had a crush on Reece since she was a child. That crush has evolved into love and a helluva ride for one man who doesn't want to cross the line of friendship. But sometimes the heart is control, which Reece learns the hard way.

I love the way the characters in these stories crossover into other stories! Gotta love small town life!! Can you share an excerpt with us?

Excerpt from BOLD~
“Hungry, cowboy?”
 The sexy female voice at the bottom of the ladder had him missing the next rung. He bumped his chin on the upper step as he caught his balance, saving him from tumbling to the ground. When he looked down, his eyes nearly popped from their sockets. Damn if he hadn’t conjured the little minx, but her mere presence wasn’t what held him enthralled. The tomboy had turned into a beautiful young woman, hotter than hell, with a killer five-foot-five body that attracted every man between the ages of sixteen and ninety-two.
 Her full plump lips were parted by a self-satisfied smirk. “Whoa there. I never thought I’d see a ladder buck the great Reece McGrath off.” She batted long eyelashes the same sooty color of her elbow-length hair.
 Seconds passed and he still hadn’t found his tongue. Instead he continued to stare, and it wasn’t at her heart-shaped lips, because they weren’t the only plump items on her curvy body. No. Her low-cut, skin-tight T-shirt molded a perfect set of D-cups and a deep cleavage a man could get lost in.
 He swiped another gloved hand over his damp forehead and inhaled her exotic perfume, something flowery and untamed, uniquely Tabby. There was nothing like the scent of a woman to distract him and his appetite, because all he could think about was feasting on her delectable breasts.
 Whoa. Heat singed his neck, flaring across his face. Where that thought came from he had no idea, but it would be best for him to remember she was off-limits.
 Fighting male instinct, he forced his gaze to meet hers. “Hey, Tabby.”
 “Hey, yourself.”
 Her feminine tone softened into a glide of silk that smoothed across his nerve endings like the light caress of delicate fingertips against his heated skin. His cock twitched, his mind going places best not visited as he reminded himself exactly who Tabby was. Hell. He had known her all her life. Yet each year it had gotten harder and harder not to appreciate the woman she had become.
 And she didn’t make it easy. Like now, with those come-hither looks she flashed at him every time they were within twelve feet of each other. Her childhood crush on him had turned into something more and it was damned hard not to fall into the little vixen’s snare.

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