Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Romantic Times 2013 Booklovers recap

Nearly a years worth of preparation is now another page in the history books. The 30th anniversary of the RT Booklovers Convention is a wisp of memories--some hysterical, some poignant, a few awkward moments--but all in all , a very special time and here's why...

The wicked women of Rosie's Saloon and a few rascaly cowboys!

The gals of the Rosie's Saloon-A host of authors like no other, these women inspire me with their willingness to dress up and meet the attendees, have a little fun, and share premium swag every year! My thanks to Victoria Alexander, Heather Graham, Kieran Kramer, Bobbi Smith, Sharon Page, Shana Galen, Monica Burns, Sahara Kelly, Sabrina Jeffries, Mia Marlowe, Elizabeth Essex, Heather Snow, Alma Katsu, and Mary Wine. Hope to see you all back when we hit NOLA next year!

It was great fun to once again join those rowdy cowgirls over at the Cowboy Corral , where the swag was plentiful, the music was boot-scootin' and the cover models were handsome as ever, and the readers a delight! Hope we'll see you all again in Nawlins'!

Sharon Page, me, and Costume designer extraordinaire
at Heather's Vampire ball
Meeting new people, gaining fresh perspectives, and best of all, spending time with folks you may only see once a year. For that alone--the weeks of preparation are worth it. (That and being able to do a round robin reading in the lobby of the Sheraton with fab folk; Monica Burns, Lynne Connolly, Kimberly Rocha and Heather Snow...then there is that whole flash mob Harlem Shake thing....check YouTube)

Speaking of--my two minutes on televison, if only by wanted poster:

Morning anchor and bleary-eyed authors at 5 AM
I'm third from the front standing next to the talented C.H. Admirand
Hard to say what Nawlins' in 2014 will bring, but you can rest assured that it we will, as they say in NOLA--"Laissez les bons temps rouler!"