Thursday, May 23, 2013

On The Front Porch with Sahara Kelly

I'm not exactly certain when Sahara and I first met, but I must confess it has been one wild ride since;) From creating grand fantasy Faery Costume Balls at the RT Booklover's convention to resembling Thelma and Louis on your adventures of finding shopping treasures online and through rain, sleet and snow. Aside from being skilled in many things--writing, promotion graphics, web and cover art design--the woman has a sense of humor like no other and a bucket of English-born wit and wisdom that is priceless. I am honored to call her my friend, and proud as punch to get to announce not only her "free genie " read (yes, you read correctly) but also a brand new sizzling fun summer read coming in June! **sneak peek at the gorgeous cover--more later in the blog!)

Now without further adieu, Sahara, tell us a bit about you:

Sahara: First off, many thanks to Amanda McIntyre for her invitation to visit…she knows I’m really not a very good blogger and has been amazingly patient with me. ;)

Amanda: Note here , the woman also calls me squirrel...another topic...but do squirrels really have such amazing patience? I leave it to discuss among yourselves...

Sahara: I stink at blogging mostly because I don’t have a lot to say. I don’t have any cats (hubby’s allergic), so no cute shots of them to fill the void. I write – have done ever since I can remember.  I am self-published, exclusively, and have been for going on two years . Although I do have a hybrid backlist which is spread all over the place, rather like dust bunnies. LOL 

Amanda: Dust bunnies...also another topic. What have you got coming up this year in the way of appearances?

Sahara: I love meeting readers, of course. What writer doesn’t? And I recently got chance to touch base with lots of them at the RT Booklovers Convention. That’s huge, hectic and very entertaining every year. 

But now I’m eagerly anticipating Authors After Dark in Savannah (August). This is a true “readers” event. There are lots of panels, yes, but they really are geared for everyone. None of the “this is how you should plot your first chapter” lectures, or anything. Just come in, sit down, listen and ask questions of your favorite writers. I love it. It will be my second AAD and I hope it’s as fulfilling as the first one I attended in Philadelphia. 

There are costumes too. Need I say more? Let’s face it, girls. Riverboats/Savannah/Scarlett O’Hara? Oh, and let’s not forget the Steampunk Tea!  Yep, died and gone to dress-up heaven. I believe I have a delayed make-believe gene. It’s spilled over from writing fiction into wearing crazy costumes.

Amanda note: Go ahead,  ask her when she begins the process of creating her costumes for her convention appearances...
Tell us, do you see yourself as a writer or storyteller?

Sahara: My writing is pretty much make-believe, as well. I think fiction should be just that, fiction. I love fantasies (everyone should have a few), dreams and wondrous places that defy the laws of physics. I also love contemporary romances, historicals and a whole bunch of other genres (I don’t do shifters…fleas, you know. Seriously. Why isn’t a werewolf ever doused with flea powder? He’s gotta have a problem with those little buggers somewhere along the line).

Amanda: Valid point. The flea powder issue. I never thought about it. So in answer to my question?

Sahara: I suppose all this makes me an all-purpose story-teller. Right now, I’m so happy one of my favorite tales is topping the free-read lists at Amazon. If you missed it the cover and link is below. A laugh-filled ride through the world of interestingly erotic sex with two genies who have had centuries to practice. Needless to say, our heroine is quite grateful. ;)

Note: MY WISH is also available for free download at these popular sights: Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, All Romance e-Books

Amanda: You have a reputation for adding a lot of humor alongside your erotic scenes. Just how personal is your research when writing a book?

Sahara:  I repeat, Fiction. Don’t even THINK about asking me if I’ve had two genies in my bed. I’m content with the one hubby I’ve had for almost thirty years. That’s quite enough, thanks. I’m not sure why people seem to think that erotic romance writers must have extraordinary sex lives. Agatha Christie wrote some fabulous mysteries, but…to the best of my knowledge…never actually killed anyone. So please, don’t ask me (or my peers) if we really have hung upside down, naked, from a chandelier after doing tequila body shots with Mr. Universe. Odds are pretty good we haven’t. Not lately anyway. LOL

Amanda: Oh darn, you've taken away one of the great mysteries of life!
What's coming up next for you?

JUNE 2013
Sahara: I have a hot little fun summer read coming out in June called FALLING.

Amanda: Gorgeous cover! So romantic! And I'm  betting you did that beautiful art work as well. This is a contemporary , full of your usual hot scenes, but also has your humor and includes a HEA--tell us more about FALLING. 

Sahara: FALLING is a scorching summer romance as steamy as August in Florida. That's where Jennifer Hodges goes to think about her future, anticipating a few days of quiet contemplation. What she gets are a few nights of incredible exhilaration and a major attitude adjustment. Along with a new appreciation for the glorious Sunshine State...

Amanda: It sounds wonderful! I can't wait to read it! Please give readers the various links where they can get to know your work and you, better.

If you’d like to check out my (relatively up-to-date) website, please do. This is where I will share none of the details of my personal life, but will urge you to buy my books so that I can write more on a beach in the Caribbean with an umbrella-clad drink beside me. I’ll send you a postcard.

My self-publishing adventures and fabulous information on the process:

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"And now for something completely different…” 
A reflection of its content and my homage to Monty Python. 

Well, Amanda, I think that does it? Time for us to head out on a field trip maybe? Or plan a new event? (Both of which Amanda does extraordinarily well!!!!) Or perhaps just kick back with a cup of tea and the latest Victorian Trading catalogue… 

Thanks again for having me, my friend.  And mega congrats on the continuing success of your contemporary western romance RUGGED HEARTS. 

Amanda: Thank you for visiting and thank you for the beautiful cover art work you did on RUGGED HEARTS! I know your work on Books II and III in the Kinnison Legacy A-mazing!

Until next time, 
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