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Saturday, March 16- Marin Thomas & Amanda McIntyre

 Wow! It's Saturday already! This week sure has flown by! But don't y'all think the fun is over just yet! No sir! We've got lots of spectacular authors, more fun excerpts and prizes yet to be shared!!

Speaking of I do just that with the talented Marin Thomas! Her Rodeo Rebels sound like the perfect read for a lazy Saturday! And I'll be giving y'all a sneak peek into my upcoming Kinnison brothers series, starting with Wyatt, in Rugged Hearts!

So round up your favorite comfy spot and enjoy today's excerpts!!

BIO: Marin Thomas grew up in Janesville, Wisconsin. She left the Midwest to attend college at the University of Arizona in Tucson, where she played basketball for the Lady Wildcats and earned a B.A. in Radio-TV. Following graduation she married her college sweetheart in a five-minute ceremony at the historical Little Chapel of the West in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over the years she and her family have lived in seven different states but have now come full circle and returned to Arizona where the rugged desert and breathtaking sunsets provide plenty of inspiration for Marin's cowboy books. Marin has published over 28 stories for Harlequin

 What inspired me to write this story?
I love all kinds of cowboys but I am partial to rodeo cowboys. That being said most rodeo cowboys also work other jobs, because only a select few become good enough to make living at bustin' broncs or bulls.

When I moved from Chicago to Phoenix two years ago, I learned that border security was a huge issue for the state of Arizona. It doesn’t matter "what side of the fence your on" regarding this issue, it's a part of every Arizonan's daily life. Intrigued, I did some research on the subject, but it wasn't until I took a sight-seeing trip south of Tucson that I saw a group of border patrol officers on horseback for the first time. I knew these Police Cowboys existed but I had never seen one. The officers wore green uniforms, but it was their cowboy hats that inspired me to use one of these rare cowboys in my Rodeo Rebels series--Tony Bravo, the hero in No Ordinary Cowboy, is a border patrol officer and weekend rodeo cowboy.   


 Tony removed his sunglasses, his brown eyes darkening with desire—a warning of the fine line they walked. As his mouth drew nearer, the blood pumped faster through Lucy's veins.
Faint or breathe.
Gasping, she swayed forward. Their chests bumped. Gazes locked. Breath mingled. Then Tony's mouth brushed hers in a soft caress.
A tingle spread through her body, tiny electrical pulses attacking her knees until they trembled. She sagged heavily against Tony and a groan escaped his mouth when she nudged his arousal.
He crushed her mouth beneath his, the kiss firm. Bold. Too brief. "I'm no good for you, Lucy," he said.
"Shh." She pressed her finger against his lips then a moment later replaced the digit with her mouth. She lost herself in his scent—sandalwood, dust, sweat. As their tongues dueled and a fire ignited in her belly, which he put out abruptly when his strong fingers bit into her shoulders and he pushed her away.
"What's the matter?" Her breath came in ragged gasps. "Why did you stop kissing me?"
Ignoring her question he said, "I don't want you practicing by yourself."
Startled by the change of subject, Lucy didn't immediately respond, not that she would have gotten a word in edgewise.
"If you fall and get stomped on, there'd be no one to help you." He put on his sunglasses and paced in front of her. "And practicing is a waste of time if I'm not here to point out what you’re doing wrong."
"Any kind of practice is better than no practice."
"Don't you get it, Lucy?" He flung his arms wide. "This isn't about teaching you to ride. It's about keeping you alive."
"Aren't you being a little melodramatic?"
"The successful bull riders are the guys who've broken bones, suffered concussions and have had their hand caught in the rigging. Pain and fear is a rodeo cowboy's best teacher. If you don't survive the first bull ride, then you can kiss the Pony Express goodbye."
When he stopped talking long enough to take a breath, she said, "That kiss really knocked you off kilter, didn't it?"
Ignoring her Tony removed the bull from the chute then walked him out of the pen.
"Wait!" She dogged his heels. "I'm not through with Curly."
"Yes, you are. Go find a hose and wash off. You stink."
"You're mad because you still want me," Lucy said.
Tony froze mid-step for a millisecond then continued into the barn and put the bull in his stall.
"You can deny it all you want, Tony, but it's still there between you and me. The fire.  The heat. The wanting."
The quiet click of the stall latch sounded like a bomb imploding in the structure. Tony faced her—rays of sun streaming through the cracks in the barn's siding highlighted the dancing dust particles around his head.
"Since you appear determined to have this out—" he took off his glasses and slid them into his shirt pocket. "—yes, it's all still there between you and me."
Her heart skipped a beat.





 BIO: My passion is in taking the ordinary and creating something extraordinary. It is what has fueled my life in many ways from an office career to motherhood, being a newspaper columnist and stepping into writing fiction. My love for penning"character-driven" stories-many of them romance- allows me to explore the potential and possibility that lives deep inside each of us.
Referred to by reviewer as a "true artist in the writing realm" I am humbled and also  challenged to stay fresh, be unique to my voice, and listen to my readers.
I am honored to be published internationally, in audio, in E-book and  in print. I currently write sizzling romance in contemporary and historical and love mixing genres!

I love to send my tenacious heroines up against the wall of a stubborn sometimes scarred hero that thinks his life is going along just fine, until she shows up and turns his world upside down. I love placing my characters in the midst of chaos, and really, is there any chaos better than the brand that your own family makes? I'd written a short Christmas story long ago when I had a weekly newspaper column that was about an old cowboy rancher herding his cattle over Christmas. Alone in a cabin, no family, eyes dimming he reflects on the importance of his life when he is visited by a pregnant woman and her husband whose car has broken down...
This story was the seed that planted the idea  for three young boys--two brothers, abandoned by their mother after she married Jed Kinnison, and Jed's nephew, orphaned as a teen who comes to live with him. Each deals with the tragedies of their past in their own way. For Wyatt-it’s being oldest and head of the ranch, watching out for his brothe. For Dalton, it’s about being there for his brother, even though his escape for the scars of his past, are often the inside of a bottle.  Then there is Rein, Jed's nephew, whose purpose is to build the dream of having the Last Hope Ranch be a place where folks in need of healing can come and through hard work, the beauty of nature, and warm-hearted community folk of End of the Line, Montana--they can find their way again.
I love history and when you write history, you have a lot of research, which is one of my greatest passions! Whether by book, art, travel, internet, music, or interviewing people--the journey found in the research can be as much of a journey as writing the story.
My writing is eclectic-I'm a country girl, from a quintessential John Cougar Mellancamp "small town"--and I suppose there is a bit of outlaw in me as well that makes me partial to the American West. On my dad's side, my ancestry takes me back to the Trail of Tears and the forced emigration of the Cherokee through southern Missouri and on my mother's side, I've recently discovered that my great-grandmother--was related to the Younger Brothers. that rode with Jesse James.
Guess you could say, the old west runs in my blood...

 DEBUT EXCERPT:(unedited)
A sizzling public kiss. An abrupt end to an afternoon coffee date. When it comes to Aimee, Wyatt doesn't know which end is up. He's trying to convince the both of them, that he is not what she needs...but, Aimee, my feisty  tenacious second grade teacher has other ideas...

Look, I apologize for leaving in such a hurry.” He looked around, realizing that whenever he was in her presence, his thoughts became muddled.
“Apology accepted. Why did you leave? Are you uncomfortable around me?”
“Maybe…a little.” He admitted, meeting her steady gaze.
“Why?” she asked, grinning from ear to ear. If he told her the truth, she most likely wouldn’t like it—or him—which on second thought, might not be a bad idea.
“You might not like the answer,” he stated, eyeing her.
“Try me.”
Wyatt considered whether to cut his losses or be straight with her. He wasn’t sure exactly what was happening between them, but he knew what he didn’t want to happen. He wasn’t looking for any entanglements and maybe it was better to nip the potential of this one in the bud. “I misunderstood your coming on to me the other day.”
Her face crumpled into a frown. “Misunderstood? I’m not following. When was I coming on to you? By asking you to coffee?”
“I thought maybe you were just interested in a little fun.”
“A little fun?” Her expression was skeptical. “Oh, I see. Does this normally work for you? The whole ‘to-be-brutally-honest, I-just-want-you-for-your-body’ routine?”
He held up his hands in defense. “You asked. I told you I wasn’t into the dating thing.” Wyatt held her puzzled gaze. She wasn’t buying what he was selling and truthfully, he questioned whether he was, either. Unfortunately, the day before he’d reacted on a whim and he shouldn’t have. Now she expected more, and he couldn’t give it to her.
She studied him a moment more. “Um, yeah, you did.” A small smile formed on her lips as she slowly shook her head. “For the record, no, I'm not looking for a good time. I can go down to the male strip clubs in Billings if I want that.”
Really? He tried not to react, but she just didn’t seem the strip-club type. He shrugged.
“But that’s not my style.” She tipped her head and looked at him. “Nor do I really buy that you’re so shallow. But I could be wrong.”
“You don’t know me.”
“Which was the point of asking you to coffee. And for the record. That kiss, wasn’t my fault.” She pointed her mittened finger at him.
“Okay, the kiss was a mistake. And fine, we’ll say it was mine. But you have to admit you were flirting. I’m not so old I don’t recognize that.”
She smiled then. “Okay, maybe a little. I admit, it’s been a while since I’ve been on a real date with a guy. This place isn’t exactly crawling with possibilities.”
“Don’t say those kinds of things to me, Aimee,” he cautioned.
“A little too long out on the range there, cowboy?” she asked with a teasing smile.
Dammit. If he wasn’t careful, he’d end up backpedaling to make her like him--not at all in his game plan.
“Listen, I won’t lie. I’m attracted to you and yeah, it’s been a while for me, too. And there’s no doubt in my mind we’d be good—very good, together.”
Her eyes widened. “Jesus, Mary and Joseph,” she whispered.
“But here’s the thing, I’m not looking for anything permanent. I’m happy with my life the way it is. I want no entanglements, no complications. Are you with me here?”
She blinked. “Oh, I hear you, yes. I’m just not sure where you’re going with it.”
He blew out an exasperated sigh. “I guess what I’m saying is if the attraction is the same for you and at some point you feel you ‘d like to get together—”
“Are you offering me a cowboy booty call?” Her brows rose under her hat.
“I prefer to think of it as consensual. We’re both adults, Aimee. We know what we want, what we need.” Her blue eyes studied him as though scrutinizing whether his performance was real or not. He prayed he was doing a good enough job convincing her, because he wasn’t sure how much more of this pushing-her-away-for-her-own-good business he could take.

UNFINISHED DREAMS   (award winning story about second chances,  farm foreclosures, and the country boy that steals Tess's heart.)
 Leave a comment or question for your choice of any of my paperback historicals! (choice in sidebar!)  And I do hope that you'll consider adding  Rugged Hearts to your "watch" list for this spring!  (I don't think you'll be disappointed;)


Tomorrow we'll wrap up the Ladies Love Country Boys week with a St. Patty's Day bash like no other!!  Join us here on the porch for Miss Lorelei James and Miss Cat Johnson, bringing us some serious hawt, country lovin' cowboys! Be sure y'all stop by!!


roniedee said...

Looks like I've just found me a really good new author. Can't wait to read this.

lindseye said...

More books for my TBR list. I have had fun meeting all these cowboys and their authors.

Mary Preston said...

I agree!! I keep adding to my reading list & that just makes me very happy.

Unknown said...

I definitely want to read Rugged Hearts, loved exerpt. I've been reading several Harlequin series for years. They are always good books. Thanks for the contests.

Rita Wray said...

My reading list is getting so long it looks like a novel.


Marin Thomas said...

Amanda & Kim thanks for inviting me to the party today! I enjoy getting to know readers who love to read about cowboys as much as I love to write about them :-)

Amanda--I just love your book covers, those guys are H-O-T! Your new series sounds great!

Ladies, this has been a great week so far for giveaways at Amanda's blog. Like my fellow authors this week, I'm alwasy looking for new readers to try my books so if you don't end up winning a book this week, be sure to LIKE my author FB page--as soon as I reach 250 Likes I'm giving away 5 copies of No Ordinary Cowboy

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Amanda McIntyre said...

I agree folks, my own TBR pile is getting higher! Too funny, Kit!;)
Thank you all for coming by today, Know Saturdays are catch up days for most folks! Nothing like starting it out with a country boys!

Whats your favorite 'cowboy' themed movie?? Mine has to be Legends of the Fall...anyone else?

Marin Thomas said...

Amanda, one of my favorite movies is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid! Who can resist Paul Newman and Robert Redford?

JeanMP said...

Totally agree my TBR pile is getting bigger and bigger, finding so many new authors to me and their great books.

catslady said...

I enjoyed that! And I haven't read a western in way too long and would love to remedy that :)


Amanda McIntyre said...

Love Butch Cassidy, Marin!

I will probably date myself, But I loved watching Bonanza and The Virginian when I was a kid;))
anyone else watch those?
I'd like to hear from your 'country boy lovers' what you find so appealing about cowboys?? Is it just the physical aspect or is it character??? or a bit of both?

Linda Lou said...

Love cowboys (county boys)! Guess, their hardworking, ruggedness and cowboy hats, jeans, country lifesttyle, etc. is what's appealing about them. I haven't read any of your books yet, but plan to. I love the book cover and the excerpt.

C.H. Admirand said...

Hey Marin - loved the excerpt and the idea that a woman would want to learn to bull ride. Thanks for the snippet :)

Amanda McIntyre said...

Tony removed his sunglasses, his brown eyes darkening with desire—a warning of the fine line they walked.....

that was enough for me, right there to want to read this, LOL I'm so weak;))

Linda Lou said...

I can't believe you've lived in seven states. I love cowboy books and I'm happy you love writing them. I'd love to get started reading some of your books! Glad to be introduced to you here. Keep writing those great books for us.

Monica Burns said...

Awesome excerpt Amanda, if this is an older, seasoned cowboy...I love older men. :D

Amanda McIntyre said...

He's older but not in his forties...seasoned just the same.;))

C.H. Admirand said...

Hey Miss Amanda! Great blog and one of my favorite scenes from Rugged Hearts!! I confess, I LOVED it and feel so privileged that you gave me a sneak peek at your fab story :)

Amanda McIntyre said...

thanks Linda Lou! And everything you mentioned about a cowboy!;)

Amanda McIntyre said...

Humble thanks, Miss Colleen;) your check is in the mail;)

Amanda McIntyre said...

Susan, thanks! I recently discovered some "vintage" Harlequins while sorting through my moms things. I have some prizes of early Heather Graham and Deb Macomber! Priceless! Can't wait to be able to offer Rugged Hearts! Watch here and on my facebook page for news of its release!

C.H. Admirand said...

LOL shucks, ma'am you don't have to pay me to read your books! I LOVE 'em!

Got caught up with comments from yesterday and am ready to crash! I just tweeted--which goes to my FB page, so hopefully more readers will wonder on over and sit a spell on your front porch :)

Happy Trails to you....until we meet again

Verna Clay said...

Woo Hoo, two more great excerpts!I really enjoyed the tension created between the characters in both. I love character driven stories with snappy dialog. Great job!

I must admit that I enjoyed the movie "Cowboys and Aliens."

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks Verna! I haven't seen that movie, is it good? All I seemed to hear about it was how good the Bond guy looked in his pants (they weren't really jeans, were they? Chaps? yeah, I'm going to have to check this movie out...

Amanda McIntyre said...

You're always welcome for a visit, CH and that goes to all my lovely guests this week!! Thank you ladies!! And we've got one more day!! Cat Johnson and Lorelei James stop by tomorrow!!

Are there any aspiring writers that have stopped by this week?

Margie said...

Marin Thomas, I love rodeo cowboy stories. Thanks for sharing.
Amanda McIntyre, Are the Kinnisons here yet? *whine* How much longer?

Marin Thomas said...

Holy smokes, ladies--I got called away to help a neighbor move some things out of her garage and this place lights up with comments!

C.H. I'm glad you like the idea of women being able to ride bulls...I carry that theme in 3 of my rodeo rebel books and I was amazed at the support system out there for women rough stock riders...more and more girls are giving the sport a try--and thanks to my editor for taking a chance on lady bull riders--we weren't sure how the readers would like the heroines riding bulls but so far they seem to really like the gutsy gals!

Monica, I love a "seasoned" cowboy :-) I sort of wish there were more heroes in their 40's in romance books--I for one would love to read an older couple romance.

Verna, count me in as one who watched Cowboys & Aliens--my son thought it was horrible but I'll give any movie a chance if it has a cowboy in it :-)

Margie, I'm glad you stopped by--lovers of cowboy romances are alwasy welcome in my neighborhood :-)

It's been a lot of fun hanging around here today--thanks for inviting me Amanda and I hope to see everyone out there in Twitter land or on FB--don't be a stranger!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Its a bit like birth pangs, Margie;) It shan't be long and your patience (or suffering as it may be) will be rewarded.

I do hope you'll fall in love with Wyatt as I have;)

Bless you, lets hold hands together for this release..better yet..break out the liquid Christmas!! Tis St Pattys Day tomorrow!! WOOT!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Catslady~ whats your favorite type of western?
Just curious how long you been out without a western book to snuggle up with? ;)

Anonymous said...

That excerpt was great, Marin.

I laughed at the "cowboy booty call" comment in your excerpt, Amanda. The book sounds good.

Marcy Shuler

Amanda McIntyre said...

Hey thanks, Marcy! Aimee doesn't back down even when strong and stubborn Wyatt Kinnison tries to do what he thinks is best for her.;)

I love to mix up sensual scenes with a bit of humor, now and again;)
Good luck and thanks for stopping by this week! Come on back, ya hear!

Marin Thomas said...

Thanks, Marcy! And I agree with Amanda--it's fun to add humor to sex scenes and shake things can be funny as well as sensual and serious and if there are kids involved in the relationship then look out because having sex in the house with kids always leads to some funny, interesting situations :-)

Books Books and More Books said...

Which scene or dialogue was the most difficult to write? Why?


Amanda McIntyre said...

Marin, SO true! and kids , oddly have a role in this story, though they are neither my heroes or heroines;)

Amanda McIntyre said...

Heather, in Rugged Hearts, the most difficult scene for me was where a 12 year-old Wyatt awakens on the first Christmas after his once-wandering mother marries Jed Kinnison, only to discover a note in his robe pocket that his mom has left them.

Marin Thomas said...

Heather, sometimes the toughest scenes for me to write are the ones where I need to get inside the charcter's head and show the reader how he or she really's always tricky picking just the right words to convey the character's thoughts in a realistic way without getting too mushy-gushy or too dramatic--trying to keep it "real" can be challenging.

traveler said...

Wonderful post and excerpt. Your books sound compelling and special. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

petite said...

Your love of history is an inspiration and fascinating. Your talent and creativity to be admired. Best wishes. elliotbencan(at)hotmail(dot)com

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks for stopping by on this St Patty's Day, Traveler! Blessings to ye for the kind words!;))

Amanda McIntyre said...

For me, petite, the love of history has always been interesting to me. I love to dig deeper though than what is obvious in history, but I have a penchant for asking "why" and "what if." Too, one of my sons is currently studying Genetics in college which has only made me all the more curious about my ancestry;)

Linda said...

I am in a state of shock right now!!! I never thought I'd meet an author from Janesville, WI., which is where I live, and have lived since 1978. What years did you live here and what street did you live on?? Sounds like it was when you were very young. I'm very anxious to read your new book and since you've already written 28 others, I'll have some catching up to do! I love cowboy books and rodeos are more than great. I've only been to one in Sparta, WI. years ago. Just my luck, it rained and it was very muddy (up to our ankles deep in muck), but they still held it. Needless to say, it was unforgettable! This is so exciting for me. I live on the far east side of town in the Wuthering Hills subdivision which was all farmland in 1976, and I live across the street from the Greenbelt.

RC said...

Hi Amanda McIntyre,
This is terrific to find all these wonderful cowboy romance authors! I'm really loving the storyline for your new book RUGGED COWBOYS, and it's a must have read for me! I am writing down all these authors names and looking up all the books they've written. I will have plenty of good cowboy reading to wrangle up and will have fun doing so! Hee-Haw!!! Thanks so much for having this great contest too!

bookworm54 said...

I love reading about all kinds of cowboys they are my favorite knd of books, I've entered most of these post and hope that I win a few books..some are new authors to me,had to change my e-mail address so thats been a hassle. anyways, looking forward in reading your book Marin..and yours too Amanda!

RC said...

CORRECTION...I've got COWBOYS on the brain! Should state..."I'm really loving the storyline for your new book RUGGED HEARTS, and it's a must read for me!" So, sorry.

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks for stopping in, RC and your kind words. I KNOW! I'm writing down all these titles, too, so I can download them on my new tablet!! So glad to hear you had a good time this week!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Its ok, RC! ;)) They happen to be RUGGED COWBOYS as well;))

Amanda McIntyre said...

So glad you could stop in this week Carole and read about these great authors!
Glad you had a good time!

bn100 said...

Nice excerpts


Cheryl S. said...

Amanda...awesome as always! I can't wait to read more of your books!
Marin Thomaws is a new author for me and I can't wait to delve into her books too! Thank you for the giveaways!!!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks, BN100 ;)

And glad you picked up a few new authors this week, Cheryl! Thank you for your kind words!;)

Remember that you'll hear direct from the authors when the winners are announced!