Wednesday, February 13, 2013


As stated in my newsletter--today I am getting a little Wild and Unruly and offering an Amazon gift card to the first person that can correctly name the three hunkalicious men in my new contemporary romance series--The Kinnison Legacy!

The names can be found somewhere on my website.

All you have to do is find them, write down all three names in the comment form below, and post it here on my blog.

The first person to correctly name and spell all three names correctly wins!!

Good luck!!


Jennifer Mathis said...
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carole said...

Wyatt, Rein and Dalton Mackenize

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wyatt, Rein, Dalton Kinnison

Jennifer Mathis said...

wyatt kinnison
dalton kinnison
rein mackenzie

Amanda McIntyre said...

Well done, Jenn Mathis!!

The three were raised together by Wyatt and Dalton's step dad Jed Kinnsion who adopted them as teens. Rein Mackenzie his nephew, came to live with them as a young boy when his parents were killed in a car accident.
He left the ranch and the dreams he had for the Last Hope Ranch to the three men as his legacy.

Jenn, send me your snail mail info at amandamcintyre dot author @ gmail dot com

They'll be more "fast & furious " fun in the weeks ahead as I count down to the Rugged Hearts release!! Stay tuned!!