Friday, December 28, 2012

My Grown-up wish list for the New Year. What's on yours?

My Grown-up Wish List for the New Year:

For readers- more great stories
For writers-a moment of inspiration.
For leaders around the world-greater understanding
For our elected in Washington-greater listening skills
For those who are missing loved ones-a kindling of hope.
For the first-responders-greater respect for what you do.
For families-bridges mended.
For young people dismayed with the world-a spark of passion to make it right.
For teachers-the support of school boards and communities.
For struggling parents and students-knowledge that there is no shame in asking for help.

For us all-- a greater sense of gratitude, courage and kindness.

Whats your greatest wish for you in the New year?
 Whats your wish for others in the New Year? 

Leave a comment. There is power in the connection of ideas, hopes and dreams--I'd love to hear yours!

And above all, have a safe and blessed New Year!