Thursday, December 6, 2012

12/7/12: Friday: My Secret Romance Blog

I am having such a blast visiting these new blogs this week on my blog hop celebrating the release of the second book, FALLEN ANGEL, in the Tales of the Sweet Magnolia series! The best part though is visiting with you readers, hearing your thoughts....


Who's this guy?  Haven't a clue. But he sure looks ornery, doesn't he? Cute as a button, too, eh?

So getting back to my post...we ran into a bit of a snafu this morning with links and...

wait, focus...listen to what I'm saying , stop letting your gaze wander...

we finally got up and running at SKYLA11377! 
Please be sure to check out her amazing blog!!

Okay...hey *tap tap* you're eyes are wandering again...

12.7.12  FRIDAY: Moving on down the road , my next stop is a classy , if not a little sassy, looking:


Stop by and pay me a visit, and tell me if YOU could travel through time, where would you like to visit? Have you ever felt as though you were born in the wrong era?

Only one winner is chosen from comments left tomorrow only!!

Okay!! See you tomorrow at My Secret Romance Book Reviews!!