Monday, October 8, 2012

Woo hoo Witchy Woman

One of my all-time favorite songs growing up was the mysterious song, "Witchy Woman"by the my talented poet friend who shares my passion for the Celtic and ethereal has allowed me to post her poem celebrating that little bit of "witchy" woman in us all;)

WITCHY WOMAN by Kimberly Marion (2012)

Have you ever met a witchy woman? If you have you would know.
Have you caught her sensual gaze, noticing her eyes just seem to glow. 

The fortunate breeze carries her delicious scent, fingering her wisps of raven hair.
You notice the odd little things that seem to accompany her, but manage not to care.

She can entice and tempt you into anything with just a caress or a whisper in your ear.
You wonder how she always knows what will come to be, yet you suppress your fear. 

She may attempt to explain away her many gifts as luck or coincidence. 
No matter how long you may know her, you find that you are always in suspense. 

You come to realize what happens around her is not luck at all, but a precious gift.
And  if someone were to horribly wrong her, how their fates might suddenly shift. 

Pure bliss you find in her passionate caress and kisses you imagine evermore.
And in the same breath you realize it is a truly an enchanting woman you have come to adore.

I met Kimberly originally a year ago at RAW 2011 and we had such fun again this year at RAW 2012 and when I found out she wrote poetry, I knew I wanted to have her as a guest on my Samhain celebration blog! You can learn more about this beautiful and gifted woman and on her Facebook page!

Do you write poetry about ghostly specters, and moonlit skies? Send them to me at and they may get posted here during the month as we celebrate Samhain!



Kimberly Marion said...

I adore Autumn everywhere you look the landscape is inspiring living art...... The leaves show their true colors as they fade and all to do the coming waiters biding..... it is a season of harvest and thanks for fruit and grain that sustain
s life. There is pumpkin everything, apple pie, berries, and a plethora of breads. In October the fall fantasy is highlighted with Halloween where we can dress up and live the mystical night in whatever skin we chose. The vails are thin, the mists come out to play, the magic is all around you and seems to last more than just a day.... Thanksgiving is my favorite family holiday because it is about coming together and giving thanks, not what we will get but what we can give. Cooking all our family's favorite recipes and discovering new ones, chating around the stove and bonding over new and old memories. Doing crafts with the kids in the family and watching them smile as they create a project. Then all coming together around the table, naming what we are thankful for including another year together..... Autumn is a magical time of year and my favorit!

Jack Harkness said...

I have to admit that I know these types of women and they can be quite enticing. You hit it on the head Kim. Eyes, scent, touch....all your details in the right place. Keep up you gift with words! I hope to see more in the future.

Amanda McIntyre said...

Jack Harkness...I must admit seeing your name gave me pause, but its nice you dropped by to compliment Kim's work! You have excellent taste!

Christine Miller said...

This is truly a work of art, the use of imagery and wording is beautifully crafted and well put together. Kimberly you absolutely have a way with words, I believe that there are many more great works to be written by your pen… I am excited and can’t wait to read more…

Hillary Allen said...

Beautifuly written Kim. I told you that you were talented and that your work was great. You just needed to find the right person to believe in you as much your friends do.

Kai said...

I love autumn when the leaves changes colors. I love the cool weather and it is also the indication the the Holidays are comings.