Monday, October 8, 2012

Master of Desire launch celebration!

All month I'll be celebrating the launch of my Samhain inspired story, MASTER OF DESIRE, with the legends and lore of the season as well as with some gifted friends!!

If you'd like to see more of Kimberly's great photography, check out her interview with me today at BOOK CHICKS BOOK CLUB

Meantime, here is a small taste of my story about an aging opera singer, whose rise to fame has up to now sufficed in satisfying her every need, but deep inside, she longs for more--longs for the one man who would love her unconditionally, without the fear of breaking her heart--a man born of a young woman's wish on the Samhain moon years before....

Excerpt from Master of Desire~
She eyed the crowd, small, but with notable figures of the London ton still making an appearance. The show would survive its run. Careful to steer away from the temptation to search the crowd for a dark-eyed stranger, she found her fourth glass of champagne and carefully eased herself down on the bottom step of the grand staircase. No one seemed to notice, she thought with amusement, sipping her drink. They were far too engaged in trivial discussions about the latest in Paris fashions or the juiciest gossip. She grew bored, restless.
 Their driveling conversations grow wearisome, don’t you agree?
The voice mingled with the pleasant buzz in her head.  She chuckled, though, agreeing with this phantom in her head. Firm thumbs pressed against the back of her neck, kneading softly, delightfully easing away the tension.
“Where have you been?” she whispered, rolling her head side to side to accommodate his massage. The heavenly caress moved to the muscles between her shoulder blades.
I have been right here, waiting, watching.
Her eyes drifted shut and she leaned back supported between his muscular thighs. She inhaled the heady scent of wood smoke and an early-morning walk in the forest after a cold rain.
 You’ve been under a lot of pressure, haven’t you, my lovely?
She nodded, lost in the bliss of his perfect fingertips on her flesh.
If you were mine, I would see to your every need. I have seen your desires, my lovely. I exist in a constant state of need, willing to satisfy each one.
Francesca’s throat grew dry. She imagined him seated behind her, gently massaging her shoulders, taking care of her. “You truly care for me, then?” Her words slurred softly, a quiet plea issued from a weary soul.
I am here to give you whatever you desire.
She smiled. His cool fingertips smoothed down the slender curve of her throat, dipping down inside the bodice of her gown. “Who are you?” she asked, her thoughts in a lust-filled haze.

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More tomorrow~~be well,