Sunday, October 7, 2012

Celebrating Samhain!

Join me all month long as I celebrate the Celtic Calendar festival of Samhain in pictures, poems and prose!! Come back often , you shan't know who'll be showing their wares!;)

There are so many reason I love this time of year! The colors are breathtaking as is the surprise of a chilly morning after a long, hot summer! But it is a magical time also, one that stirs my Gaelic roots (MacIntosh and McIntyre) reminding me of the rich, tapestry that Mother Earth gives us to care for and cherish.

This past weekend in Pittsburgh was a full moon, or "Harvest Moon" as its sometimes called. Though it had seemed the weather the day or two previously was more like Seattle with intermittent showers and sun, the clouds this night were quintessential for showing the many moods of an autumn night sky.

These pictures  were snapped by gifted friend and photographer, Kimberly Rocha around 10:30 PM or so September 29, looking up into the eerie cloud-covered skies an Allegheny mountain ridge, near Pittsburgh, PA. Barnabas  (vintage Dark Shadows) Collins quality, the moon and skies above blessed us with a ethereal display that was truly chilling!

With her permission I share them with you!

Be well~

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