Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Tao of Rewrites

As a writer,( a good one) you often find yourself re-writing the pages of your book--tweaking, toning, tightening--until it is the best of your heart and soul. Then it's time to send it out there and see how it flies in the face of daunting obstacles. Hey, no one ever said this was an easy gig.;)

I admit it has been a year of change for me. (Getting older! me?never!) But in a sense I've been in process of  "rewriting" parts to the story of my life. For example; 

An aging parent brings my own mortality to greater clarity. 

Seeing my firstborn son marry a wonderful woman and realizing that they are beginning to create the traditions that will a part of their family memories one day.

Making new friends, losing treasured friends and learning once more-- the definition of friendship verses acquaintance. 

Making time for those who really matter in my life, and letting go of others. 

Reaffirming more than once, how much I love to write, to tell a good story, despite what is or isn't marketable just now.

Changes. New beginnings. Not always easy, oftentimes scary. Perhaps its the eternal optimist in me, but I see these changes as part of the journey. Part of the rewrites that we have to make from time to time in our lives. You have to take a deep breath, sit back, reassess the good and bad--and then make a choice.

Do you accept the way things are? Or do you take action to make things better?

Working this past year with one of the best editors (out of many in both large and small press publishers) I have learned, perhaps more than at any other time in my career,  the value of true objectivity, of "real" teamwork and of the great potential that can occur when respect, integrity love of the craft joins together.

It's important--if not crucial -- that you realize those key players in your life--those who have your back, come what may--and will be there during the "rewrite" moments--whether its a book or  in your life. And at this juncture, I have to extend a warm round of applause and thanks to every editor, every agent, and publisher--good and bad--that has played a part in this incredible journey.

And as I grow older (and of course, wiser) I find myself becoming a little more grateful for the rewrite moments, for with them comes the revelation of my self-worth.  They've shown me  a resilience I didn't know I had and a better understanding, if not stronger awareness of just how blessed I am.
So there's my moment of clarity as I move forward on this journey and I hope that if you happen to be in a 
"rewrite" moment in your life right now, that you'll be able to see its value.

And even though the clarity may not be immediate, eventually you will see the potential and possibility each rewrite provides.

Be well~