Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Diggs!! New Season approaches!!

Because change can be good, I want to thank brilliant designer, Sahara Kelly at P and N for my lovely new header!! The talented duo of Scott Carpenter and Sahara Kelly head up this new site dedicated to authors finding the best way to get cover art for self- publishing ventures, special needs in marketing and more. I seriously encourage you to check out this wonderful new business where the motto is "Your Vision, Our Artists"-- WWW.PANDNGRAPICS.COM

Changes in the weather have me nearly giddy for Fall. I love this time of year with the intermittent rains that bring chilly nights and brilliant, blue-sky football and marching band afternoons! Its also a great time for weekend getaways with family and friends!

Coming up in just a few days--September 28-30, I'll be winging my way to Pittsburgh for just such a weekend of fun with  author and reader friends (old and new) at Lora Leigh's Reader Appreciation Weekend (RAW 2012)

In addition, I will be signing at the Doubletree Hotel in Pittsburgh, Sunday September 30. Check for more info about this fun event at


Just out!! My erotic Victorian story of an aging opera singer who must face the choice of growing old gracefully and alone, or reclaim her youth and forever have all that she desires. (And no, its not a Vampire tale...;))

Guard well your desires
what ere' they may be
for the Dark Lords scour the night
looking for thee...

Celebrating the festival of Samhain (All Hallows Eve)- Available October 1, 2012.
MASTER OF DESIRE in Dark Pleasures is available only in digital format!

 And what's great is that you can pre-order the passion to your Kindle now at Amazon!! Click here....


Is autumn one of your favorite seasons?? 

Tell me why for a chance to win autographed print copies of the other two Celtic Festival  anthologies in this special "Celtic Spice" Mini-series! Winter's Desire  (celebrating Winter Solstice) and The Pleasure Garden (celebrating Beltane)  Winner will be chosen at random from comments left on this blog!

Until next time, May the sun shine warm on your face~



Jane L said...

WOW! Your new site is beautiful. Kudos to your creative team!

I think of fall as the new start to my year. I know sounds weird. I only can contribute it to when my kids were little and the start of school year made me re-organize and focus, one reason I love fall. I also enjoy fall decorating, so simple, down to earth and deep warm colors. Welcome Fall!

Lori Ono said...

The page looks great. Thanks for posting info for other authors in the spirit of Indie!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thank you Jane! These folks are very gifted! My kids are now grown and out on their own as well and I concur--there is something about the season that brings out the "squirrel" in me--preparing, organizing--maybe for the winter? LOL I have had my first pot roast of the season as well as chili--thinking seriously about baking beer bread...sure sign that fall is near!:) And the colors!LOVE them! Are the trees turning early where you are? Thanks for stopping in!!

Amanda McIntyre said...

You betcha, my gifted friend with an artiste eye!! ;)) There area multitude of Indie authors with fabulous stories out there!!

Monica Burns said...

LOVE the new header! I didn't realize Sahara was a talented artist as well as writer!! I know how to schmooze with only the best!!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Indeed, Monica! ;)

Patty said...

Love your new webite! Sahara did a fantastic job! :-)

Amy C said...

I love the new look! That dragonfly is a nice touch :)

This is a great time of year. I love it more down here in TN than I did up in NY. The weather stays warmer longer, but we still get the chilly nights and mornings.

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thank you for noticing the dragonfly, Amy!;) It's great to hear from you! Tennessee has got to be lovely this time of year! Have the colors turned yet?