Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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Guard well your desires
what ere' they may be
for the Dark Lords scour the night
looking for thee…

Centuries-old legends tell of enchanted forests, said to house otherworldly beings who hold court in the deepest, darkest part of the woods. During the festival of Samhain, when the veil between the realms of reality and wonder grow thin, the Dark Lords are relentless in their carnal quest to dominate a maiden's soul.

Master of DESIRE -Amanda McIntyre

A childhood quest into the supernatural returns to haunt Francesca, now an aging star of the opera stage. Her phantom suitor offers her the twilight warmth of a dazzling career, or the embodiment of her youthful wish-a lifetime of unbridled passion, but she can choose only one...

She smiled and nodded, silently willing their applause to subside, so that she could show them why they’d come, the reason that they loved her. She wanted to prove to them that she still had the power of her voice—the true prize of their adoration and devotion. She caught the conductor’s glazed look, and conveyed with her eyes as subtly as could to begin. Flustered, as though forgetting why he was there, he faced the orchestra and frantically tapped his podium. Francesca took a deep breath, opened her mouth and for the next few moments the stage was her oyster. There was not a sound in the house, save the lulling blend of her voice to the music. She held them spellbound, coaxing, seducing softly building momentum, commanding the foreplay. Both exhilarating and frightening she wielded her instrument-her voice. With but a subtle change, she could summon a gasp, a sigh, even a tear.  
The music swelled to a dizzying crescendo, and she paused to gather all that was within her, as she prepared to unleash the single note that would leave them shuddering with delight. Her gaze drifted over the audience, ghostly faces, marred by the bright lights.  She took advantage of their hunger, holding nothing back, giving herself as though naked, to the throng.  She raised her arms, slightly, preparing her diaphragm, tempting her audience with the anticipation of what was to come. Her lids drifted shut, sliding into the high note with fluid ease and watched beneath hooded lids hoping to catch the look of a few faces as she carried them over the edge of surprise. Her gaze fell on the box seat nearest the stage, occupied by a devilishly handsome man. He appeared alone--much to her delight--and his dark, glittering eyes raked over her with obvious wickedness. The note in her lungs hung in her throat, making her chest ache. His eyes locked to hers and then somehow to took control of her voice. 
He lowered his chin, pulling the note low, barely discernible and then with the lifting of his chin, increased the note in both volume and pitch. It was as though she had no control of her body. He lorded his presence over her, commanding, demanding more. Francesca worked to fill her lungs with quick, shallow breaths to maintain the mystical hold he had on her voice. His piercing eyes glittered with passion, the intent to master her body and voice evident in his hardened gaze. Images appeared through the smoky haze in her mind. Seductive, sexy visions in vivid 
detail of their bodies entwined on tangled sheets...

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