Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Master of DESIRE Pre order available now!

Guard well your desires
what ere' they may be
for the Dark Lords scour the night
looking for thee…

Centuries-old legends tell of enchanted forests, said to house otherworldly beings who hold court in the deepest, darkest part of the woods. During the festival of Samhain, when the veil between the realms of reality and wonder grow thin, the Dark Lords are relentless in their carnal quest to dominate a maiden's soul.

Master of DESIRE -Amanda McIntyre

A childhood quest into the supernatural returns to haunt Francesca, now an aging star of the opera stage. Her phantom suitor offers her the twilight warmth of a dazzling career, or the embodiment of her youthful wish-a lifetime of unbridled passion, but she can choose only one...

She smiled and nodded, silently willing their applause to subside, so that she could show them why they’d come, the reason that they loved her. She wanted to prove to them that she still had the power of her voice—the true prize of their adoration and devotion. She caught the conductor’s glazed look, and conveyed with her eyes as subtly as could to begin. Flustered, as though forgetting why he was there, he faced the orchestra and frantically tapped his podium. Francesca took a deep breath, opened her mouth and for the next few moments the stage was her oyster. There was not a sound in the house, save the lulling blend of her voice to the music. She held them spellbound, coaxing, seducing softly building momentum, commanding the foreplay. Both exhilarating and frightening she wielded her instrument-her voice. With but a subtle change, she could summon a gasp, a sigh, even a tear.  
The music swelled to a dizzying crescendo, and she paused to gather all that was within her, as she prepared to unleash the single note that would leave them shuddering with delight. Her gaze drifted over the audience, ghostly faces, marred by the bright lights.  She took advantage of their hunger, holding nothing back, giving herself as though naked, to the throng.  She raised her arms, slightly, preparing her diaphragm, tempting her audience with the anticipation of what was to come. Her lids drifted shut, sliding into the high note with fluid ease and watched beneath hooded lids hoping to catch the look of a few faces as she carried them over the edge of surprise. Her gaze fell on the box seat nearest the stage, occupied by a devilishly handsome man. He appeared alone--much to her delight--and his dark, glittering eyes raked over her with obvious wickedness. The note in her lungs hung in her throat, making her chest ache. His eyes locked to hers and then somehow to took control of her voice. 
He lowered his chin, pulling the note low, barely discernible and then with the lifting of his chin, increased the note in both volume and pitch. It was as though she had no control of her body. He lorded his presence over her, commanding, demanding more. Francesca worked to fill her lungs with quick, shallow breaths to maintain the mystical hold he had on her voice. His piercing eyes glittered with passion, the intent to master her body and voice evident in his hardened gaze. Images appeared through the smoky haze in her mind. Seductive, sexy visions in vivid 
detail of their bodies entwined on tangled sheets...

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Autumn Equinox!!

The bite of chill is in the morning air. The dry leaves, no longer able to cling to the branches, tumble down our empty street in the still of the night, the sound of them scraping across the pavement. The farmers are out in the fields with their harvest, and the crock pots are brought down from the shelf of their summer hiatus, ready for another round of soups and stews to warm the weary soul.

We approach the Autumnal Equinox.(September 22 in North America)

Practiced in a variety of ways in both Pagan and non-pagan communities, the first day of Autumn is shared by all as a time of harvest, of wrapping up old business and preparing for the dormancy of the winter months ahead. It is the one of just two times a year when the hours of night and day are in perfect balance.

It's traditionally also a time of celebrating all that is positive in our lives--developing an attitude of gratitude. Finding balance and rest amid the hustle of everyday life. Gathering to and celebrating family.

For some, it is a time to honor the Green Man--god of the forest with libations of wine, cider, and herbs and prepare for the Celtic New year which begins at Samhain (Nov. 1)

 On September 29-30 this year, we will celebrate the full moon, or Harvest Moon. Shine on! ;) If you'd like to follow the moon's phases, you can get a great graphic here...CalculatorCat

This particular fascination with Celtic festivals, solstice's and the equinoxes has lent itself as inspiration for many of my novels.

Winters Desire (celebrating Winters Solstice-Dec.)
The Pleasure Garden (celebrating Beltane-May 1)
Tortured, my medieval erotic romance, was also influenced by the ancient Celtic culture.
*NEW* Release Oct.1-Dark Pleasures (celebrating Samhain-Nov. 1-pronounced, Sow-wen)

Read more on each book by clicking the links in the sidebar of this page!

The Celtic year divides itself into 4 seasons; Imbolg (spring), Beltane (Midsummer), Lughnasadh (late summer) and Samhain (the Celtic New year)

Each of these festivals is said to be a time when the veil is thin between the living and the dead and many of our current customs have their roots in these ancient traditions. Most commonly the idea of carving and lighting pumpkins, setting them on walkways in in our homes and giving out treats--is a variation on the theme of the ancients setting out food and drink to pacify the spirits of the dead as they  traveled through the thin veil of the night.

Whatever your beliefs may be, the eternal cycle remains the same as it always has. But, now and again, it's worth looking back at the history and true purpose of these festivals to see what they meant, how they influenced a people, and how those roots eventually influenced us.

So whether you are celebrating Mabon, the autumnal equinox, or simply the first day of Autumn--do so with gratitude in your spirit and an appreciation an respect for Mother Earth and all she provides.

This year I'm celebrating Samhain early with the release of Dark Pleasures on October 1!  Click here to pre-order to your fav e-reader!

To all those attending RAW 2012! Can't wait to see you next week!!

Do you celebrate the festivals in some special way? What traditions do you have in your household that are Celtic inspired?

Happy Autumn!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Diggs!! New Season approaches!!

Because change can be good, I want to thank brilliant designer, Sahara Kelly at P and N Graphics.com for my lovely new header!! The talented duo of Scott Carpenter and Sahara Kelly head up this new site dedicated to authors finding the best way to get cover art for self- publishing ventures, special needs in marketing and more. I seriously encourage you to check out this wonderful new business where the motto is "Your Vision, Our Artists"-- WWW.PANDNGRAPICS.COM

Changes in the weather have me nearly giddy for Fall. I love this time of year with the intermittent rains that bring chilly nights and brilliant, blue-sky football and marching band afternoons! Its also a great time for weekend getaways with family and friends!

Coming up in just a few days--September 28-30, I'll be winging my way to Pittsburgh for just such a weekend of fun with  author and reader friends (old and new) at Lora Leigh's Reader Appreciation Weekend (RAW 2012)

In addition, I will be signing at the Doubletree Hotel in Pittsburgh, Sunday September 30. Check for more info about this fun event at www.llraw.com


Just out!! My erotic Victorian story of an aging opera singer who must face the choice of growing old gracefully and alone, or reclaim her youth and forever have all that she desires. (And no, its not a Vampire tale...;))

Guard well your desires
what ere' they may be
for the Dark Lords scour the night
looking for thee...

Celebrating the festival of Samhain (All Hallows Eve)- Available October 1, 2012.
MASTER OF DESIRE in Dark Pleasures is available only in digital format!

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Is autumn one of your favorite seasons?? 

Tell me why for a chance to win autographed print copies of the other two Celtic Festival  anthologies in this special "Celtic Spice" Mini-series! Winter's Desire  (celebrating Winter Solstice) and The Pleasure Garden (celebrating Beltane)  Winner will be chosen at random from comments left on this blog!

Until next time, May the sun shine warm on your face~


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Tao of Rewrites

As a writer,( a good one) you often find yourself re-writing the pages of your book--tweaking, toning, tightening--until it is the best of your heart and soul. Then it's time to send it out there and see how it flies in the face of daunting obstacles. Hey, no one ever said this was an easy gig.;)

I admit it has been a year of change for me. (Getting older! me?never!) But in a sense I've been in process of  "rewriting" parts to the story of my life. For example; 

An aging parent brings my own mortality to greater clarity. 

Seeing my firstborn son marry a wonderful woman and realizing that they are beginning to create the traditions that will a part of their family memories one day.

Making new friends, losing treasured friends and learning once more-- the definition of friendship verses acquaintance. 

Making time for those who really matter in my life, and letting go of others. 

Reaffirming more than once, how much I love to write, to tell a good story, despite what is or isn't marketable just now.

Changes. New beginnings. Not always easy, oftentimes scary. Perhaps its the eternal optimist in me, but I see these changes as part of the journey. Part of the rewrites that we have to make from time to time in our lives. You have to take a deep breath, sit back, reassess the good and bad--and then make a choice.

Do you accept the way things are? Or do you take action to make things better?

Working this past year with one of the best editors (out of many in both large and small press publishers) I have learned, perhaps more than at any other time in my career,  the value of true objectivity, of "real" teamwork and of the great potential that can occur when respect, integrity love of the craft joins together.

It's important--if not crucial -- that you realize those key players in your life--those who have your back, come what may--and will be there during the "rewrite" moments--whether its a book or  in your life. And at this juncture, I have to extend a warm round of applause and thanks to every editor, every agent, and publisher--good and bad--that has played a part in this incredible journey.

And as I grow older (and of course, wiser) I find myself becoming a little more grateful for the rewrite moments, for with them comes the revelation of my self-worth.  They've shown me  a resilience I didn't know I had and a better understanding, if not stronger awareness of just how blessed I am.
So there's my moment of clarity as I move forward on this journey and I hope that if you happen to be in a 
"rewrite" moment in your life right now, that you'll be able to see its value.

And even though the clarity may not be immediate, eventually you will see the potential and possibility each rewrite provides.

Be well~