Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November -Sharing recipes & Holiday memories

Talented author, Genella deGrey shares a special recipe that is as "saucy" as Miss G's writing! Known for her vivid, humorous (and sexy) historicals, I invite you to check out The Trouser Game!

This yummy side dish would go well with many a main entree!

Sautéed Squash - from the recipes of Genella deGrey

2 med zucchini
2 med yellow squash3/4 teaspoon dill
Pinch or two ground sea salt3/4 teaspoon or so olive oil

Wash and cube zucchini & squash then place in bowel
Pre-heat pan to a medium-high temp
Add dill, salt and olive oil to veggies and toss
Pour into hot pan and sauté, stirring constantly until lightly browned (not very long, about 2 min.)
Remove from heat and place into serving dish - you don't want your squash mushy.

Serve over pasta or alone as a side dish.

Holiday Traditions:
Nancy shares this holiday memory that is wonderfully familiar to many! "When I was little, I would sit with my mom and watch the Thanksgiving Day Parades, then help with the dinner fixings (I got to tear up bread to go in the stuffing). When I got older, I made the pies. Now that I have grandchildren, I gather them together and we watch the parades (and football) while their parents cook and get things done-sort of the babysitter/referee to keep the peace. But it is always family fun, and we have been doing things together for over forty years now."

I can't think of a better way to spend a Thanksgiving, Nancy! Thank you for sharing this and Thanks to Miss G for sharing her recipe!!

What are some of your favorite holiday tradtions?