Friday, November 11, 2011

Gratitude Begins at Home

My dad was a WWII veteran in the Army, my older brother in the Navy and then a medic in the Marines. In my extended family are many who have served in the air and on the ground overseas in the past decade or more and to each of them and to those that stand in wait for them on the homefront--thank you is not nearly adequate for all that you do, but it comes from a grateful heart.

This month as we share special recipes and cherished holiday memories, I wanted to feature this one in particular on Veterans Day. There is so much we can do to support our Veterans of War and those still standing in the fray of battle, holding fast the belief that freedom is not free.

GREAT MILITARY SUPPPORT BLOG:  SOS ALOHA is a great blog to find ways of supporting our troops and their families through networking with readers and authors--check out Kim's blog at SOS ALOHA!

Laurie's email touched me in such a profound way, and I hope it does the same for you. It might even inspire you to begin a similar tradtion of your own---

Laurie writes; "For the last 10 years our family tradition is to invite single military airmen over for Thanksgiving dinner. There is a sign up sheet at the base requesting families to sign up and have an airmen come over for Thanksgiving.

My husband was in the military for 25 years and our son for 10 so I know just how lonely it can get when the holiday time is here and you are so far away from home. We bought our very first home 10 years ago here in Biloxi right after our son was sent to Afghanistan. The home and holiday felt so lonely so I decided that we should sign up for the program.

This year we expect 10 young airmen to come. I have already found out what their favorites are so I am going to make a dish that each one really likes as well as the dishes I make each year. I love feeling as if I am making their holiday a little bit brighter and hopefully a little less homesick."

My thanks to Laurie and her husband for sharing the warmth of home & family in this way. May it inspire us all to be as gracious.

More holiday tradtions from readers!
*Note from Amanda-I love that while I've receveid so many diverse tradtions, that some aspects reamin the, community, gratitude, enjoying each other's company--

Carol writes;  For Thanksgiving we now get together at my sisters house where we visit and eat. For as long as I can remember we have always had the same food. We have turkey, dressing (we use Bell's Seasoning), cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, turnips, small white onions with butter, and lots of gravy. We always finish the meal with my grandmothers pumpkin pie. My sister cooks an extra turkey so we can all take some home to enjoy later. I hadn't been thinking about Thanksgiving yet, but now you have my mouth watering for Thanksgiving dinner.

Lisa shares; Our Holiday Traditions just center around eating the best foods, cornbread dressing, fudge, lemon icebox pie, candided yams, and yummy banana pudding. Then we play cards or games and watch football and lie around in the floor and moan because we are all so full. Then playing in the yard with the kids, maybe kickball or dodgeball or flag football. Love it."

Rosie writes; " Every year my family and my uncle's family gets together. All the cousins band together to help cook a huge meal that consists of both American, Vietnamese-style American, and Vietnamese dishes. We eat together, and the next day the boys head to Black Friday to nab deals on electronics. A few weeks prior my brother (who leads the group as head chef) starts a group e-mail training with the menu, and we all put in our two cents"
With Gratitude