Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer reading!

Let's talk for a moment about what's in our TBR piles for the summer!

First though, let me tell you that I am giving you a chance to add to your summer reads by checking out my contest running at Fresh Fiction all through June! Starts June 1!

I just finished HUSH by Cherrry Adair and if you like steamy heat, fabulous characters and exotic locale you do not want to miss this book!!

On tap- I hear Robyn Carr has another in her Virgin River series coming out soon. One of the only series on my buy witout thinking list;)  The woman has created a fictional place where the characters are so real, their trials and tribulations, emotions and daily lives are so well done!

Some others on the TBR this summer:
Princesses Gone Wild (Decadent Publishing) Sahara Kelly & SL Carpenter
Pahntom Evil Heather Graham
Book of Shadows Alexandra Sokoloff

I'd like to find out how many of you have purchased some type of E-reader in the past year, and if so what kind do you have and what makes it the best in your eyes?

Let me know what you're reading this summer! Recommendations welcome! And what you're reading on!

Until next time~