Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Boy, its been a roller coaster month, hasn't it?

 If you subscribe to my newsletter, you'll see that I've started a new section I call "INSPIRATIONS"--each month I share some of my "inspirations for writing or things that have touched my life in a special way. And I invite my readers to share their "inspirations " each month with me. I try to respond to each one, but time is a jealous wench, and I don't always get around to it as fast as I would like!

The stories you've sent have been such an inspiration to me! It gives me such joy and satisfaction to know there are so many amazing folks out there that are living  extraordinary lives! And that is the center of the type of character I enjoy most writing about--the ordinary person stepping up to face  and  overcome extraordinary circumstances.

My heart and prayers go out to the extraordinary people in New Zealand this week, as they begin the task of rebuilding their lives after the devastating earthquake. Read how you can help here....


In my current WIP, my heroine is an American woman in the late 1800's who travels to London  to pursue her dream of becoming an investigative journalist. She finds herself a target of an anonymous admirer, who sends her notes expressing his affection toward her. When body parts begin washing shore from the Thames and the notes begin to get more menacing, Jane must turn to the aid of London's Criminal Investigations team, a man carrying dark secrets of his own.

This story was inspired by a number of events and people in the summer of 1887 (this was approximately a year prior to the 1888 brutal terror of Jack the Ripper in London) Inspired by the first American woman investigative reporter, by the unsolved "embankment murders" in London and my love for Victorian Gothic mystery, this has been one fabulously fun story to write!  I will keep you posted  to its progress!

What I love about this story are the characters. Most very ordinary folks who are given by events and circumstances , the choice to fade into the woodwork, or step up to the plate to embrace what is dear to them. To face the challenges, despite the risk.

So , consider this an invitation to those of you who have not yet joined my newsletter! Each month I will feature an email sent in for my INSPIRATIONS section and that person wins a $25 gift card from someplace fun! Sorry, you must subscribe first to my newsletter to be eligible. See the area in the upper right corner of my blog to sign up today!  And tell me--WHAT INSPIRES YOU!


Available March 1, MIRROR, MIRROR in Naughty Bits, Vol 3.

Contemporary Erotic Mystery:
    Charlie lives a charmed life. Young and exceptionally beautiful, she is used to getting what she wants, when she wants it. To her good fortune, so she thinks, she marries a wealthy older man with no one else but her to spend his money on. But when a freak boating accident leaves him crippled, she discovers the truth about how far you'd go for someone you love.