Thursday, October 21, 2010

Faeries Run Amuck! Annual RT Faery Court Scavenger Hunt is launched!

They're back! The Faeries of the 2011 Romantic Times Booklovers Faery Ball invite you to their glade where you will find a bevy of surprises and a scavenger hunt sure to please the voracious reader!

A magical click  to The Faery Court  will take you to a land of star-dusted sites and give you the clues you need to join us on our annual Scavenger hunt! An armload of prizes await you in the faery realm! Come join in our frolic and fun!

~See you in L.A.!

2011 Fae Queens Amanda & Sahara


Genella deGrey said...

Amanda - I can never tell if my fellow authors are opening their contests to other writers as well as readers.

I'd hate to trounce upon anyone's toes . . .

Amanda McIntyre said...

HI G, The contest is open to All readers! Only the authors hosting the event are disqualified from participating;)

Be well~