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Thursday Coffee Talk/ Author Empress LaBlaque 8.12.10

THURSDAY COFFEE TALK : special Friday Edition;)

Today we've got another Lady Leo author at the House of Muse. Like the authors I've been highlighting in past weeks, Empress is also a part of Arrow Publications Apple Apps author program (*read more about that here)

Let's first get to know the author and then we'll find out more about her writing! Tell us a bit about yourself, Empress.

Empress: I consider myself a connoisseur of fine romance. I can find romance in any situation and I enjoy writing across genres. My love for writing dates back to high school where my studies took a back seat to my writing. As punishment for my lack of attention, I had one teacher who pulled me forward and demanded I read my paper. That teacher admitted my story was good, but sent me to the office anyway. Here’s to you, Mr. English and thanks ;)

I understand that you write interracial romance. How do you see your role as an author in writing IR Romance?

Empress: There is a strong alliance between the name Empress LaBlaque and interracial romance. Right now, interracial romance is fresh, new, and exciting. It’s also rewarding on many levels. I‘ll write whatever the public demands. Some women will never experience an interracial relationship. To some, it’s considered taboo or an off-limits fantasy. I’m the catalyst who provides a safe bite of forbidden fruit. When writing IR Romance, the hero loves his heroine without condition. I immerse my IR characters in various plots or situations. While I enjoy writing this genre, the majority of my readers are Caucasian.  My favorite genres include paranormal, time travel, historical, vampires, as well as contemporary IR romance.

Can you give us a brief overview of your latest book-WHAT COLOR IS LOVE?

Tamela Johnson is an outstanding substance abuse counselor. She conducts seminars all over the United States. Of course she has everything under control, including her love life. Wrong! While attending a boring seminar, Tamela meets Lane Corbett, an English gentleman. She is horrified when he reveals he’s been following her and has an undeniable crush on her. Because Lane is smitten, Tamela wonders if he realizes she's black. Is Lane blind or simply crazy?

How about a sneek peek of the book?;))

“Tell me your problem? I’m a good counselor.”

Lane took my hand. “You.”

I quickly retrieved my hand and gazed around the dining room. “Stop that. You’re going to give people the wrong impression.”

“I don’t care, Love,” Lane declared.

“Lane. You hardly know me,” I admitted, gazing wildly around the room. “Sh- Someone might hear you.”

Lane sighed and leaned back in his chair. “I’m coming on a bit strong, eh?”

“No—You think so?”

“You conducted a seminar in Atlanta, Georgia, right?”

I tilted my head to the side. I had no idea where this question was going. “Yes. About a month ago,” I replied.

“I listened to every word that fell from your lips, Tamela. By the time you’d finished, I’d fallen madly in love with you.”

I was drinking my tea when Lane made his staggering confession. I almost sprayed his face with it. “In love--with me?” I blotted my lips. “The crowd was massive. I really don’t recall seeing you.”

Lane pointed to himself. “I was the guy who kept standing around after the seminar was over. I helped you take your things to your car.”

I snapped my fingers. “Yes, you did!”

Define for readers, your ideal heroine:

Empress: My heroine embraces the personality of all women. She can be brassy, demure, lonely, or just in love. Imperfections are a must, as perfect people tend to scare me. Most of all, she must possess a great compassion for humanity, putting her needs aside for the good of others. She selects a mate who compliments her. He will not overpower nor dominate her, yet she’ll always feel safe in his arms.

Question for one of Empress's books:
So many times heat ratings are at the mercy of the distribution site they appear on. I have had some of my books misjudged by the ratings placed on them and so encourage readers to always check my website for clarification of heat levels in my books. As I love happy, enthusiastic readers, I would like to know, if you choose a book by the heat level or by the story?

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Linda Henderson said...

Well it depends on the mood I'm in. I read a lot of different genres but my first love has always been romance. Of course I always want a good story, but I like my books to have some heat in them. I won't usually read a book that's just about sex, I really do need it to have a good storyline and not just be stricly sex. I hope that makes sense.

seriousreader at live dot com

Empress LaBlaque said...

Thank you for that reply, Linda. I respect your comment. I've noticed that e-romance is getting a terrible label. The public believes we're all about sex. I think I can honestly say that a person can find just what they're looking for as there is a wide selection of e-romance available. Sweet, Spicy, or Hot romance. Make your selection, then enjoy.

Genella deGrey said...

Hi Amanda - Hi Empress . . .

I'm a mood kind of reader just like Linda. My criterion begins with romance – from there it has to be historical. If a sweet historical and a sexy historical were side by side and I had to choose just one, the sexy historical would win.


Empress LaBlaque said...

Genella, thank you for your input. I'm sure we all like a little spice with our tea. I enjoy writing historicals as well. Believe it or not, I was told it was rather spicy. Do you feel e-romance has been pushed into one erotic category?

JennJ said...

Hi Genella I choose a book based more on the storyline than the heat level. I like heat but heat doesn't make it a good story or not it has to be a story that will grab me and keep me glued to the pages. :)

Waves at Amanda!!!! :)

Empress LaBlaque said...

Thank you Jenn, I agree with you also. If you're reading a great love story, there will be heat; there will be chemistry and passion. Thoughts will become muddled, pulses will race, breathing will quicken and sparks will fly. Simply put, there's no way around it.

Amanda McIntyre said...

Excellent and interesting point on ebooks, Empress!
I can remember when ebooks were considered substandard in the sight of pubs ,readers,booksellers--despite the genre or heat level. Frankly it was due in part to small press and epubs like Elloras Cave that caused the industry to sit up and take notice(and no I am not pubbed with EC, but boy have a number of EC authors now gone on to write for the big pubs!
and most every pub out there has ebooks now-in every genre.look at what has done for the ebook tidal wave.
I think there will be paperbooks for a long time to come yet, but the ebook industry has exploded and its doubtful it will turn back.

I think that readers will continue to look for quality in reading,whether paper or ebook and this next generationof readers is all about the technology in books

my .02

Amanda McIntyre said...

Hey G and Jenn, thanks for checking Empress out and stopping by for a minute to chat;)

My personal choices in reading , is like my music. very eclectic. Mood I think has a lot to do with it. when Im writing in a particular era, I tend to prefe reading in an opposite genre.I think it s my escape;)

inbetween projects , I'm likely to read historical or research books(my fav;)
the only change I see in my self both as a writer and a readernow , from when I first started writing is that I prefer a realistic approach to romance and the heat level has to be appropriate to that developing relationship or relationships.
I think what I've come to learn is that yes,you may ultimately find your Mr Right--but you may have realtionships that you feel are "true' before you find that special person.

Im more interesetd in the journey, the story than I am about the heat level alone.


Empress LaBlaque said...

Thank you very much Amanda. I've been very busy today. And that’s a good thing. I'd like to thank everyone who came by to say hello and joined in the chat. Amanda, your words were insightful and thought provoking. We could discuss that topic for hours. e-books were considered substandard. They were hardly expected to stand the test of time. e-romance was scarcely respected by the masses. Now, everyone is jumping on board. To win a free e-book, answer this question. What is the title of the free read on my website at Happy Reading!