Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday Coffee Talk/ Author Dominique LeSane 8.5.2010

Good morning! Today we continue our feature here at TCT with another talented author from Lady Leo Publishing who is taking part in  Arrow Publications Apple Apps Program

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Now to meet Dominique!

 Dominique LeSane pens mystery and erotic short stories. She is the author of The Housewife Diaries, Seven Year Itch, and May/December Romance. A native of Baltimore, MD, Dominique LeSane now calls the Dirty South her home.

Blurb from Arrow App of the Week:
Seven Year Itch

What do you do when you're absolutely head over heels in love with your husband, and he with you...but there's NO sex life? Isaiah and Dara Moore have all the creature comforts that life can afford, but as they reach year seven in their marriage, they realize their perfect life is missing an essential ingredient: sex. Isaiah whisks Dara away for their anniversary to a place he believes will reignite the spark, but when they arrive at the location, will Dara be game?

Tell TCT, what is your idea of the perfect hero/heroine?
You will find in my writing the characters go through struggles that we can all relate to. Of course we haven't all cheated on our significant others, but in reading my stories, you could understand why the character may have chosen to do so- even if you disagree with their choice. My idea hero/heroine possesses those characteristics that make readers love them because they can relate and the reader wants to travel with them on their journey.

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Isaiah took Dara away in an attempt to reignite the fire in their relationship? Is that something you would ever consider in your relationship?

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Thanks Dominique for stopping by and continued success in your writing!

Dominique loves to share her gift of writing with her readers. Look for more to come from Dominique Fall 2010. Check out more from this gifted author at
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