Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Musings; Free Read goodies!

Congrats to Jenn and Linda for playing my little wolfy game to celebrate my new shapeshifter debut at Decadent Publishing! Please email me for arrangements for your prizes!


I've had these out for a while, but they may be hard to find;) So I thought, you might enjoy a little sizzle, a little romance and magic and a little paranormal! Enjoy!


*Reader Discretion Advised: This story contains scenes of explicit sexuality.*

Lucille Smith’s passions have ruined her life—divorced, disowned from her family and now fired from her job because of them.
But when the mysterious and darkly compelling Lord Grant Thurgood recognizes that fire within Lucille, he offers her a job, and she thinks she’s finally gotten lucky. Only the job has certain…stipulations. In exchange for luxury and a very handsome wage, Lucille would act as mistress to Lord Thurgood’s Boys’ Club and fulfill the members’ every desire

On the run from a broken realtionship , Celeste discovers a rundown, but quiant seaside bed & breakfast, who like her, just needs a little tender loving care. Helping the elderly proprietor with her decaying garden, Celeste is transformed, even as the garden is transformed. Hope rekindled, as the magical garden thrives, so too her dreams come alive, sensual and passionate!

The townspeople of the tiny upper New England town, now called Cape Elizabeth, never gave much thought to the beautiful woman who would appear at the onset of winter each year. In quiet wonder, she would smile at the renovations and new products on the shelves. And folks would just tip their heads in a friendly nod and keep to their business-as good New Englanders do. A tale of the relentless sea and aof the woman who would not let love die.
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