Saturday, August 28, 2010

Candy Store style inspiration

There are few times I find my self as giddy as a kid in a candy store, but I stumbled across another great little flick that has given me oodles (yes, you read that correct, oodles!) of inspiration whilst I write my current  dark Victorian erotic suspense.

The film--a remake of the classic Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

It stars the brilliant Colin Firth and a mesmeizing young actor by the name of Ben Barnes in the lead role of the forever young Dorin Gray. The supporting cast including Ben Chaplin just adds to an overall brilliant performance in this expose' of the dark decadence of the well-to-do in London.

The costuming and set design alone are absolutely wonderful! And the story, as retold in this particular version, illuminates this talents of its exceptional cast exceedingly well! A highlight of the movie is a scene shot at the famed Circle of Lebanon at Highgate cemetary. (*okay, I admit to haveing an unusual fascination with cemetaries and Highgate is one of my top ten that I dream of visiting one day)

If you haven't already (maybe back in high school?) read the original book by Oscar Wilde, I suggest you do;)

Then, if you'd like a brilliant visual and prefer your Victorian toasted dark, then I highly recommend this latest version of Dorian Gray !

As for me...its back to my writing...

Until next time~


Portia Da Costa said...

Ooh, this film looks fantastic! Must add it to my own inspiration stash. :)

I'm watching "Wilde" at the moment, Oscar's own poignant story, and it's breaking my heart. It's another film with wonderful costumes and sets and Stephen Fry is simply amazing.

Amanda McIntyre said...

Ooh that sounds like one I need to look into as well, Portia!
I'm sort of on a re-discovery of Wilde these days;)
I think you'll like this one. Have you seen From Hell?(ala Johnny Depp?)

Great having you stop by the HoM. Perhaps I can talk you into coming back and visiting us about what you're writing at Thursday Coffee Talk?

let me know what you think of Firths portrayal in this version!


Portia Da Costa said...

Oh yes, From Hell is a huge favourite of mine. And have you seen an older film, Murder By Decree, which explores a similar Ripper 'explanation' but pits him against Sherlock Holmes? Not nearly as hokey as it sounds. :)

I've ordered Dorian Gray and will compare it to the B&W version that I've seen a few times on the telly. Still quite a disturbing movie, I think.

How kind of you to invite me! Maybe I could visit some time when I've turned in my WIP and the pressure's off a bit?