Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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Chillax this summer with an eccentric Englishman

      You may know a man like Thomas is--bad boy, egotistical, hard to resist.  His passion is his painting and his women are his muses.

But what happens when your muse wants more?

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Candy Store style inspiration

There are few times I find my self as giddy as a kid in a candy store, but I stumbled across another great little flick that has given me oodles (yes, you read that correct, oodles!) of inspiration whilst I write my current  dark Victorian erotic suspense.

The film--a remake of the classic Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

It stars the brilliant Colin Firth and a mesmeizing young actor by the name of Ben Barnes in the lead role of the forever young Dorin Gray. The supporting cast including Ben Chaplin just adds to an overall brilliant performance in this expose' of the dark decadence of the well-to-do in London.

The costuming and set design alone are absolutely wonderful! And the story, as retold in this particular version, illuminates this talents of its exceptional cast exceedingly well! A highlight of the movie is a scene shot at the famed Circle of Lebanon at Highgate cemetary. (*okay, I admit to haveing an unusual fascination with cemetaries and Highgate is one of my top ten that I dream of visiting one day)

If you haven't already (maybe back in high school?) read the original book by Oscar Wilde, I suggest you do;)

Then, if you'd like a brilliant visual and prefer your Victorian toasted dark, then I highly recommend this latest version of Dorian Gray !

As for me...its back to my writing...

Until next time~

Friday, August 27, 2010

Thursday Coffee Talk: What I learned from Thomas Rodin & other musings;)

Its not often that I share the letters from readers but I have marveled at the spectrum of thoughts about my dark hero, Thomas Rodin (The Master and the Muses) and find it fascinating what people are saying about him. Thomas of course, is used to both criticism and flattery, taking both with a mere shrug of his shoulder, simply as that is the way of this man. On a personal level, I find Thomas an intriguing and frustrating man--complex , yes and yet, not really. In his world of artists and creative-types, the ego-centric attitude is not uncommon. "One has to be I suppose out of survival of the fittest," Thomas would tell me.

And it dawned on me then, that "survival" seems to be a reoccuring theme in many of my stories. Perhaps it reaches far back into my personal life, perhaps it's simply that I enjoy seeing the ordinary person step up to the plate and become extraordinary in their own right.

Thomas, poor boy, never aspired to be anyone's champion, other than his own. But life, as it often does, interferred and crossing his path came three women who would over time, turn his neat little world upside down-causing him to look at the man in the mirror and make a change.

If you haven't yet read the book, I shan't tell you which of these everyday beauty's captured his heart in the end, you should find that out for yourself;)

Everyone deserves a little happiness. That may be temporal or forever, life is funny that way. We never know which it will be. Savor each moment. Thomas taught me this in the way he enjoyed his walks in nature, in the way he found beauty in the ordinary, in the sound of a poet's word, in the stroke of his brush. A dreamer, poet, rogue--Thomas lived in the moment. And that's something we could all take a lesson from...

Random reader thoughts about Masters & the Muses....

"From the first chapter you are hooked and you can't stop reading until you put the book down. There is mystery, happiness, profound sadness for some of the characters at times, in the end well........... lets say the author wraps up the book nicely and doesn't leave any strings hanging which I hate.." Reader
"Amanda has such a way with her writing that you feel as though you are behind the curtain, behind the door... As if you are watching the things unfold right in front of your eyes... " Reader
"Rodin is resolved to show them that entire he deserves his spot among the masters and the stories follow his pursuit of his dream along with three special women who play apart in his work and his life. Each woman is very different and brings something new into Thomas's life as he ushers them into a world of art and beauty and one of desire and abandon as well. "...Reader
"Thomas Rodin is a man of many talents and many pleasures. He finds it hard to refuse himself, after all he is the master of his domain, the master artisan. He's passionate to a fault with his muses, trying to be what they all want as they try to conform to his life. He is a true artist, able to see the beauty in the world around him, as well as the not so pretty world that in reality, he must live in..." Reader

Go out there today and savor every moment!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Little Poll...because I'm curious like that

For those of you who know me, you know that I have eclectic taste in music--everything from Vivaldi to Queen to Broadway musicals. I am the same way in my reading. I guess the technical term would be-- "mood" reader. There are times I want a little suspense, other days I love be transported back into time (yay Medieval,Celtic and Victorian!)
Other days, I'm quite content to pour over brochures and research books in preparation for my next book. Yeah and I have been known to actually leisurely read through a dictionary. Weird? oh well...

Are you a purebread reader--emersing yourself totally in one era or genre? Or do you enjoy sampling a variety of reads--aka Forrest Gump(a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get?)

As I continue to work on my current book THE DARK SEDUCTION OF MISS JANE, ( a dark victorian romantic suspense,btw) I have just finished reading Beth Ciottas Evie Ever After--totally falling in love with her Scottish bad boy hero, Arch;) heavy sigh...but I digress...
I tend to read opposite of what I'm writing , for some reason it frees my brain.
As if I need more help in that area;)

So what about you? Aside for the great covers, are you a :

*Purebred Genre reader:(read only traditional work in that genre)________

*Go by the blurb on the book, genre doesn't matter_________

*Never read the blurb, if the cover is HOT, I'm on it!:__________

*Prefer a certain era/genre__________and wish I could find more like it:

Share with me your thoughts and be entered to win an ebook copy of my sexy new contemporary paranomral release BY THE LIGHT OF THE SILVERY MOON!

Desirous for your thoughts!;)


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Coffee Talk/ Author Empress LaBlaque 8.12.10

THURSDAY COFFEE TALK : special Friday Edition;)

Today we've got another Lady Leo author at the House of Muse. Like the authors I've been highlighting in past weeks, Empress is also a part of Arrow Publications Apple Apps author program (*read more about that here)

Let's first get to know the author and then we'll find out more about her writing! Tell us a bit about yourself, Empress.

Empress: I consider myself a connoisseur of fine romance. I can find romance in any situation and I enjoy writing across genres. My love for writing dates back to high school where my studies took a back seat to my writing. As punishment for my lack of attention, I had one teacher who pulled me forward and demanded I read my paper. That teacher admitted my story was good, but sent me to the office anyway. Here’s to you, Mr. English and thanks ;)

I understand that you write interracial romance. How do you see your role as an author in writing IR Romance?

Empress: There is a strong alliance between the name Empress LaBlaque and interracial romance. Right now, interracial romance is fresh, new, and exciting. It’s also rewarding on many levels. I‘ll write whatever the public demands. Some women will never experience an interracial relationship. To some, it’s considered taboo or an off-limits fantasy. I’m the catalyst who provides a safe bite of forbidden fruit. When writing IR Romance, the hero loves his heroine without condition. I immerse my IR characters in various plots or situations. While I enjoy writing this genre, the majority of my readers are Caucasian.  My favorite genres include paranormal, time travel, historical, vampires, as well as contemporary IR romance.

Can you give us a brief overview of your latest book-WHAT COLOR IS LOVE?

Tamela Johnson is an outstanding substance abuse counselor. She conducts seminars all over the United States. Of course she has everything under control, including her love life. Wrong! While attending a boring seminar, Tamela meets Lane Corbett, an English gentleman. She is horrified when he reveals he’s been following her and has an undeniable crush on her. Because Lane is smitten, Tamela wonders if he realizes she's black. Is Lane blind or simply crazy?

How about a sneek peek of the book?;))

“Tell me your problem? I’m a good counselor.”

Lane took my hand. “You.”

I quickly retrieved my hand and gazed around the dining room. “Stop that. You’re going to give people the wrong impression.”

“I don’t care, Love,” Lane declared.

“Lane. You hardly know me,” I admitted, gazing wildly around the room. “Sh- Someone might hear you.”

Lane sighed and leaned back in his chair. “I’m coming on a bit strong, eh?”

“No—You think so?”

“You conducted a seminar in Atlanta, Georgia, right?”

I tilted my head to the side. I had no idea where this question was going. “Yes. About a month ago,” I replied.

“I listened to every word that fell from your lips, Tamela. By the time you’d finished, I’d fallen madly in love with you.”

I was drinking my tea when Lane made his staggering confession. I almost sprayed his face with it. “In love--with me?” I blotted my lips. “The crowd was massive. I really don’t recall seeing you.”

Lane pointed to himself. “I was the guy who kept standing around after the seminar was over. I helped you take your things to your car.”

I snapped my fingers. “Yes, you did!”

Define for readers, your ideal heroine:

Empress: My heroine embraces the personality of all women. She can be brassy, demure, lonely, or just in love. Imperfections are a must, as perfect people tend to scare me. Most of all, she must possess a great compassion for humanity, putting her needs aside for the good of others. She selects a mate who compliments her. He will not overpower nor dominate her, yet she’ll always feel safe in his arms.

Question for one of Empress's books:
So many times heat ratings are at the mercy of the distribution site they appear on. I have had some of my books misjudged by the ratings placed on them and so encourage readers to always check my website for clarification of heat levels in my books. As I love happy, enthusiastic readers, I would like to know, if you choose a book by the heat level or by the story?

Leave your comment and be enetered to receive one of the Empress's book!
Thanks to Empress and Arrow Publications for this special blog tour featuring authors from Lady Leo Publishing!
You can obtain a copy of What Color Is Love at Apple Itunes  
Learn more about Empress and her books at  her website and blog
Check out her books at Lady Leo Publishing

Until next time~


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sneek Peek Tuesday: PLEASURE GARDEN

Just in--new cover art for the second anthology in the Harlequin Celtic Spice mini series. PLEASURE GARDEN~ watch for more in coming weeks!

*kinda makes you appreciate all those weeds a little bit more, doesn't it? ;))

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Musings; Free Read goodies!

Congrats to Jenn and Linda for playing my little wolfy game to celebrate my new shapeshifter debut at Decadent Publishing! Please email me for arrangements for your prizes! amanda@amandamcintyre.net


I've had these out for a while, but they may be hard to find;) So I thought, you might enjoy a little sizzle, a little romance and magic and a little paranormal! Enjoy!


*Reader Discretion Advised: This story contains scenes of explicit sexuality.*

Lucille Smith’s passions have ruined her life—divorced, disowned from her family and now fired from her job because of them.
But when the mysterious and darkly compelling Lord Grant Thurgood recognizes that fire within Lucille, he offers her a job, and she thinks she’s finally gotten lucky. Only the job has certain…stipulations. In exchange for luxury and a very handsome wage, Lucille would act as mistress to Lord Thurgood’s Boys’ Club and fulfill the members’ every desire

On the run from a broken realtionship , Celeste discovers a rundown, but quiant seaside bed & breakfast, who like her, just needs a little tender loving care. Helping the elderly proprietor with her decaying garden, Celeste is transformed, even as the garden is transformed. Hope rekindled, as the magical garden thrives, so too her dreams come alive, sensual and passionate!

The townspeople of the tiny upper New England town, now called Cape Elizabeth, never gave much thought to the beautiful woman who would appear at the onset of winter each year. In quiet wonder, she would smile at the renovations and new products on the shelves. And folks would just tip their heads in a friendly nod and keep to their business-as good New Englanders do. A tale of the relentless sea and aof the woman who would not let love die.
Back to writing~~

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday Coffee Talk/ Author Dominique LeSane 8.5.2010

Good morning! Today we continue our feature here at TCT with another talented author from Lady Leo Publishing who is taking part in  Arrow Publications Apple Apps Program

Read more about this exciting partnering opportunity for both authors and publishers at Arrow Publications website!

Now to meet Dominique!

 Dominique LeSane pens mystery and erotic short stories. She is the author of The Housewife Diaries, Seven Year Itch, and May/December Romance. A native of Baltimore, MD, Dominique LeSane now calls the Dirty South her home.

Blurb from Arrow App of the Week:
Seven Year Itch

What do you do when you're absolutely head over heels in love with your husband, and he with you...but there's NO sex life? Isaiah and Dara Moore have all the creature comforts that life can afford, but as they reach year seven in their marriage, they realize their perfect life is missing an essential ingredient: sex. Isaiah whisks Dara away for their anniversary to a place he believes will reignite the spark, but when they arrive at the location, will Dara be game?

Tell TCT, what is your idea of the perfect hero/heroine?
You will find in my writing the characters go through struggles that we can all relate to. Of course we haven't all cheated on our significant others, but in reading my stories, you could understand why the character may have chosen to do so- even if you disagree with their choice. My idea hero/heroine possesses those characteristics that make readers love them because they can relate and the reader wants to travel with them on their journey.

Question for giveaway of a copy of this story: Leave your thoughts for a chance to win!
Isaiah took Dara away in an attempt to reignite the fire in their relationship? Is that something you would ever consider in your relationship?

You can get Seven Year Itch at Apple iTunes Apps
and read more about her at interview with Arrow Publications Newsletter!

Thanks Dominique for stopping by and continued success in your writing!

Dominique loves to share her gift of writing with her readers. Look for more to come from Dominique Fall 2010. Check out more from this gifted author at http://www.dominiquelesanestories.com/
You can contact her at dominique.lesane@yahoo.com