Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday Coffee Talk: Candy Caine 7.08.10

This week On TCT, I am pleased to welcome to House of Muse, erotic romance author, Candy Caine aka Candace Gold! Candy writes for Lady Leo Publishing and is afflilated through Arrow Publishing with their Apple Distribution program. Please welcome Candy to House of Muse!!

Tell us a bit about how you got started writing:
Believe it or not, I began my writing career writing for children. I guess the really big thrill came when the Chicken Soup people sent me a postcard asking if I’d like to submit a story for Chicken Soup for the Kid’s Soul. I was already writing for adults at this time but wrote a simple story off the top of my head and was surprised when it was selected by a panel of kids. I guess, had I not been in a convenience store in Arizona and plucked a confessions magazine off the impulse rack as I waited to be checked out, I might be still a children’s writer today.

 My favorite genre will always be confessions. With confessions you’re limited only by your imagination. Since it is written in the first person, you can try out new careers. In one week, I was a hooker, travel agent, teacher, librarian and a doctor. I write all types of romance from sweet to suspenseful and usually end up blending several genres together. Though I’m usually wrestling with the here and now, I also have a paranormal coming out next year with Lyrical Publishing. And then there’s the erotica which Candy Caine is known for. That’s my husband, Robert’s, favorite by the way. He likes to make certain the writing is authentic.

Can you give us a sneak peek at your latest release?
From Grandma’s Handyman:

When Shawna Washington finds the man she's been living with in bed with another woman, she scratches his name off her Christmas list and leaves him. However, she discovers getting him out of our life is not so easy. She takes a vacation to visit her grandmother thinking it will help her stay away from men and their tangling relationships. Only grandma has her own agenda. She tries every way possible to fix Shawna up with her handyman, Roy Smith. Does Grandma’s plan work?

A question I like to ask my readers and my guests-what is your definition of the "perfect" hero or heroine?:
As for my definition of a hero, aside from having gorgeous eyes, he is selfless and caring, yet strong. Far from perfect, he has flaws that keep him human. Great body, though. He’s got integrity, but willing to tell a white lie if it is necessary. He’s also willing to sacrifice or give up something near and dear to him for the sake of my heroine and though his determination may waiver at times, he remains steadfast in this cause. He’s the one who stands behind someone encouraging and supporting them when no one else will. That brings up his loyalty and gallantry. My hero does the deed with a modest style that is unique to him. However, above all he has compassion which actually makes him the man he is, for without it, he’d only be a hunky-looking tin man taking the wrong route to the Emerald City.

As for my heroines, to be honest…I’m totally jealous of them. They are beautiful and intelligent. Somehow they always survive all the trauma and disasters I throw at them. And the ones in my erotica, definitely have more fun in bed than I do. Enough said.

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If you could tell the writer what kind of plotline you’d like her to incorporate into her next story, what would it be?

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Thanks for coming by HOUSE OF MUSE Candy and all the best to you in your writing!!