Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday Coffee Talk/ Author Linda Herman aka Sunshine Royal

Welcome and good morning to TCT! This week we're continuing our discussions with some of the authors from Lady Leo Publishing, who have partnered with Arrow Publications to enroll in their Apple Apps promotion program. If you want to know more about this  fantastic promo idea as well as the sizzling hot romance graphic novels that have garnered the likes of best-selling author, Lucy Monroe , check out more at Arrow Publications 

At Coffee Talk today , we welcome multi-genre author, Linda Herman aka Sunshine Royal. Two pen names generally denotes two different writing styles is that the case then, with you?

Linda: As an author I do not confine myself to writing in only one genre. Through my persona, Sunshine Royal I create stories of Erotica with true to life storylines. As Linda R. Herman, I write stories that range from Contemporary to Inspirational and an occasional Romance.

I see that Literary Lovers Book Club Reviews gave your book CHEMISTRY 101, its highest rating. Here is part of what they had to say--

"Chemistry 101 is an enticingly sensual confession by Sunshine Royal that is sure to engage readers in heated discussions about sexual taboos."

 From reading the synopsis, you've chosen a topic that is highly controversial , why?

Linda: My goal as an author is to deliver an entertaining piece that also educates and raises awareness on issues we deal with in our daily lives.

Can you give us a brief overview of CHEMISTRY 101?

When Olivia Collier is pursued by her eighteen-year-old student, Thaddeus Grant, will the Chemistry teacher give him a never-to-be forgotten lesson in body chemistry, or can a lonely woman restrain from a forbidden affair with her student?

The law says that eighteen is legal, but morally, is there anything wrong with a thirty-two-year-old woman teaching an eighteen-year-old student outside of the classroom?

What are some of your other works/awards?

Linda: I’ve appeared in several anthologies to date. Succulent: Chocolate Flava II; Erogenous Zone: A Sexual Voyage; Mocha Chocolate: Taste a Piece of Ecstasy; Sugar & Spice; After Dark Delights; Sistahs Need Luv 2; and The Triumph of My Soul. I was also a 2009 AALAS Nominee (sponsored by African Americans on the Move Book Club) for my novel Consequences. In 2005, I won first place in the Black Expressions Annual Fiction Writing Contest for the original first chapter of my now published novel, Cost of Our Affairs.(*taken from interview at My Romance Story)

Thanks for stopping by House of Muse, Linda, there's always one question I like to ask guests: Can you describe for us your favorite hero/heroine?

Linda: My idea of a hero or heroine isn't a perfect being who is immortal. My idea of a hero or heroine is a flawed mortal who learns from his or her mistake(s) and sets out to make a difference

I understand that you and Arrow are partnering to give away a copy of your book today, what question would you like to pose to readers?

What is your opinion of women who date men who are a considerably younger?

That is a thought-provoking question for certain! If you'd like to order Sunshine's book, you can find it at: Lady Leo Publishing and Apple itunes

You can learn more about Linda and her books at her website  Linda
and Sunshine Royal