Monday, July 26, 2010

Haunting Music for The Dark Seduction of Miss Jane

Inspiration from where you ask?

My current WIP for Spice is a dark victorian gothic.  If  forced to fold it into a cubicle of a category I would say officially it was an erotic historical suspense, with romance elements,--not of your warm and fuzzy variety , however, we're talking dark, hot and sweaty. Secrets. Illusions.

The summer of 1887 in London was one of the worst on record-swealtering heat, tensions in the street, socialist uprisings imminent, body parts washing ashore from the Thames(true story, explain later)--it was one hellacious summer to celebrate the Queens 25th Jubilee and a busy time for the director of Scotland Yard and the youngest Inspector of theYards Criminal Investigation Dept. (CID)

Some of you know that I rather enjoy the macabre, yes, paranormal , but more diving into the human mind, which can be far more monsterous when the conditions are ripe. And that summer, they were-- it was the summer before the famous Ripper murders began in 1888. And oh how I adore obscure bits of history!!

 In 1887, the body parts that washed ahsore were dubbed the 'embankment murders.' For purpose of fiction, I take literary liscense to move those parts closer to London proper rather than downstream-- mainly to lend greater angst to my already tormented Inspector. The guy needs a break and he gets it in some very unlikely ways.

Just the same--it mistifies me that I'd never heard about much about this event. To my knowledge no one has ever made any connection  with the heinous crimes that were to follow the next year. Both cases remain unsolved.

Further inspiration: Yes, caught Depp playing his brilliant portrayal of the Inspector in "From Hell" --a very interesting theory, but mainly inspired by the streets, clothing and buildings of that era.
(* inside look at Paris Opera House-gorgeous!)

The Illusionist and The Prestige-both have been on my research list as well--again ambiance, clothing , theater, and well, who doesnt love a good British accent?

And I have found some wonderful music, particulary the fantastic Adam Hurst, who plays the most haunting cello I have ever heard. An instrument that lends itself very well to the dense fog of an empty London street.

Here are a couple of my favorite music pieces used for many a scene in my upcoming The Dark Seduction of Miss Jane.

I'm sending you to the YOUTube link because the download is too long.. I used these for specific scenes--

Ravensong for a Swan

Face the Rain  Adam Hurst

Have a lovely week!
Its back to writing for me;)



Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

You sure at great at teasing our senses Ms. A! I am loving this up and can NOT wait to get my hands on this book.. But I think you already know that!!
Hellicious... I love it!
I hope all is well deep in the caverns of the 1887's for you...
XOXO my dear friend...

Amanda McIntyre said...

wish I could share the passage I'm writing just now, Ms. C. LOL

Isn't that music cool? Evokes such grand imagery!!


Genella deGrey said...

I'm so moved by Adam's music, I don't even know what to type.

Going to ride this for a while -

Amanda McIntyre said...

thats okay, just let the music take you away, G.;)


Genella deGrey said...

I connected to Adam's FB page, then send the youtube link to a couple of friends of mine.

You know how invaluable word of mouth is to an artist . . .

Thanks again for pointing him out -