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Thursday Coffee Talk/ Author Linda Herman aka Sunshine Royal

Welcome and good morning to TCT! This week we're continuing our discussions with some of the authors from Lady Leo Publishing, who have partnered with Arrow Publications to enroll in their Apple Apps promotion program. If you want to know more about this  fantastic promo idea as well as the sizzling hot romance graphic novels that have garnered the likes of best-selling author, Lucy Monroe , check out more at Arrow Publications 

At Coffee Talk today , we welcome multi-genre author, Linda Herman aka Sunshine Royal. Two pen names generally denotes two different writing styles is that the case then, with you?

Linda: As an author I do not confine myself to writing in only one genre. Through my persona, Sunshine Royal I create stories of Erotica with true to life storylines. As Linda R. Herman, I write stories that range from Contemporary to Inspirational and an occasional Romance.

I see that Literary Lovers Book Club Reviews gave your book CHEMISTRY 101, its highest rating. Here is part of what they had to say--

"Chemistry 101 is an enticingly sensual confession by Sunshine Royal that is sure to engage readers in heated discussions about sexual taboos."

 From reading the synopsis, you've chosen a topic that is highly controversial , why?

Linda: My goal as an author is to deliver an entertaining piece that also educates and raises awareness on issues we deal with in our daily lives.

Can you give us a brief overview of CHEMISTRY 101?

When Olivia Collier is pursued by her eighteen-year-old student, Thaddeus Grant, will the Chemistry teacher give him a never-to-be forgotten lesson in body chemistry, or can a lonely woman restrain from a forbidden affair with her student?

The law says that eighteen is legal, but morally, is there anything wrong with a thirty-two-year-old woman teaching an eighteen-year-old student outside of the classroom?

What are some of your other works/awards?

Linda: I’ve appeared in several anthologies to date. Succulent: Chocolate Flava II; Erogenous Zone: A Sexual Voyage; Mocha Chocolate: Taste a Piece of Ecstasy; Sugar & Spice; After Dark Delights; Sistahs Need Luv 2; and The Triumph of My Soul. I was also a 2009 AALAS Nominee (sponsored by African Americans on the Move Book Club) for my novel Consequences. In 2005, I won first place in the Black Expressions Annual Fiction Writing Contest for the original first chapter of my now published novel, Cost of Our Affairs.(*taken from interview at My Romance Story)

Thanks for stopping by House of Muse, Linda, there's always one question I like to ask guests: Can you describe for us your favorite hero/heroine?

Linda: My idea of a hero or heroine isn't a perfect being who is immortal. My idea of a hero or heroine is a flawed mortal who learns from his or her mistake(s) and sets out to make a difference

I understand that you and Arrow are partnering to give away a copy of your book today, what question would you like to pose to readers?

What is your opinion of women who date men who are a considerably younger?

That is a thought-provoking question for certain! If you'd like to order Sunshine's book, you can find it at: Lady Leo Publishing and Apple itunes

You can learn more about Linda and her books at her website  Linda
and Sunshine Royal

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Haunting Music for The Dark Seduction of Miss Jane

Inspiration from where you ask?

My current WIP for Spice is a dark victorian gothic.  If  forced to fold it into a cubicle of a category I would say officially it was an erotic historical suspense, with romance elements,--not of your warm and fuzzy variety , however, we're talking dark, hot and sweaty. Secrets. Illusions.

The summer of 1887 in London was one of the worst on record-swealtering heat, tensions in the street, socialist uprisings imminent, body parts washing ashore from the Thames(true story, explain later)--it was one hellacious summer to celebrate the Queens 25th Jubilee and a busy time for the director of Scotland Yard and the youngest Inspector of theYards Criminal Investigation Dept. (CID)

Some of you know that I rather enjoy the macabre, yes, paranormal , but more diving into the human mind, which can be far more monsterous when the conditions are ripe. And that summer, they were-- it was the summer before the famous Ripper murders began in 1888. And oh how I adore obscure bits of history!!

 In 1887, the body parts that washed ahsore were dubbed the 'embankment murders.' For purpose of fiction, I take literary liscense to move those parts closer to London proper rather than downstream-- mainly to lend greater angst to my already tormented Inspector. The guy needs a break and he gets it in some very unlikely ways.

Just the same--it mistifies me that I'd never heard about much about this event. To my knowledge no one has ever made any connection  with the heinous crimes that were to follow the next year. Both cases remain unsolved.

Further inspiration: Yes, caught Depp playing his brilliant portrayal of the Inspector in "From Hell" --a very interesting theory, but mainly inspired by the streets, clothing and buildings of that era.
(* inside look at Paris Opera House-gorgeous!)

The Illusionist and The Prestige-both have been on my research list as well--again ambiance, clothing , theater, and well, who doesnt love a good British accent?

And I have found some wonderful music, particulary the fantastic Adam Hurst, who plays the most haunting cello I have ever heard. An instrument that lends itself very well to the dense fog of an empty London street.

Here are a couple of my favorite music pieces used for many a scene in my upcoming The Dark Seduction of Miss Jane.

I'm sending you to the YOUTube link because the download is too long.. I used these for specific scenes--

Ravensong for a Swan

Face the Rain  Adam Hurst

Have a lovely week!
Its back to writing for me;)


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Coffee Talk/ July 22, 2010/ Author, Tinisha Nicole Johnson

Welcome you sleepyheads to Thursday Coffee Talk. Amanda has asked me to host this week's show, due to some trivial thing she calls a deadline...has some morbid undertones if you ask me.

I'm not much of a morning person. I need my beauty rest, but when she tempted me with the pan of lasagne, what choice did I have? It's true I have a lovable reputation  to keep and a shape that screams "I'm too cute for words" both of which need  italian -style casserole dishes to sustain them.

Besides, she let me wear her bunny slippers.

So grab a cuppa joe and lets get this party started. Yawn* Is it naptime yet?

We've been showcasing a few of the talented authors at Lady Leo Publishing who have partnered up with Arrow Publications and their new Apple App Distribution program!

For those of you with backlists and returned rights, you may wish to learn more about this innovative program. You can find out lots more about it if you click very carefully on  this link (tell 'em Garfield sent you;)

Meantime, we're about to learn more about this gifted author and very pretty lady, Tinisha Nicole Johnson. Here is a wee bit more detail about Tiniaha. ( I have to remember to ask if she likes cats...)

Tinisha Nicole Johnson is an author, poet, and a professional freelance writer. She resides in Denver, Colorado with her two kids. She’s had a love for writing since the age of eleven. Tinisha loves to write in various genres from romance, inspiration, mystery, self-help, and thriller. When she’s not writing, she’s engaged in activities with her children or friends. She also hosts political and sports teleconferences as a profession.

Sounds like a very busy lady. Pending allergy issues, a cat would be a very sensible pet. We're so well suited for those with busy lifestyles--but enough about me...until later;)

Tell us a little bit about your book, Tinisha:

Unexpected is the story of Dahlia Ray, a hard-working woman in the corporate world, who doesn’t necessarily believe in love after experiencing one disappointment after another. After winning a multi-million dollar case at her law firm as a Paralegal, she decides to take a get-a-way with her two best friends Janet and Sasha at a cabin in the mountains of Winter Park, Colorado for the annual Jazz Festival. Dahlia’s looking to get a peace of mind, while her friends are looking to get their freak on.

While there, she meets Jackson Bell, a Denver Bronco. He’s tall, dark and sexy. However, will he be just another name added to her list of disappointments? Is he too good to be true?

After a weekend of lust and fun, the mutual attraction between Dahlia and Jackson are evident, and things get steamy, but will it only last the weekend? The story takes on the notion of love and fame and how they mix.

Tall, dark and sexy, huh? Personally, I'd tell Dahlia to reconsider the option of a short, ginger,(red is the new blonde, you've know-hey, if it works for Rhiannon,shrug*) rotund cat--I do love me a good snuggle now and again...when I feel like it, of course and after a pan of lasagne. Can this Jackson guy cough up a fur ball on demand? Yeah, thats what I'm talkin' about...
So tell me, Tinisha--what is your idea of the perfect hero or heroine?
A hero is someone that readers either like, or/and have built a strong connection with. When I write, I really try to make the readers care about the hero or heroine, or at least relate to them

Sounds like a good plan. I've heard that most people relate very well to small furry animals, especially ones with cute faces...if you like, I happen to know someone... just sayin....

Okay, now for the big question and I understand that this is for  a generous gift  from our guest today--she asks;
Would you have sex with someone you’ve only known for a couple of days. Why or why not?

As a cat, I willl refrain from answering this on the grounds that I am way too lovable.;)

Thanks Tinisha for stopping by Amanda's House of Muse.

You can find Unexpected here:

And learn more about Tinisha at her website:

Contributions of lasagne can be left at the House of Muse back kitty door...have a good one , I know I will!


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Not Too Hot To Play

So I'm trying to write about sexy in the sweltering heat , dirt and humidity that would have been the summer of 1887 London. Stench-amundo. As one friend put it, the very reason the wealthy took their homes in the country!

I have to thank the obsessive heat and humidity going on here in the Midwest as well as the occasional hot flash in aiding me with my research in what that must have felt like;))

That said--I thought it would be fun to share some of my"other" inspiration with you for my next Harlequin Spice book, The Dark Seduction of Miss Jane...set in Victorian England(1887) it is about Jane Elizabeth Goodwin, an aspiring American journalist who travels to London to escape the scandalous breakup of her engagement to a wealthy Bostonian son. With her goal to dive into making a career in writing, Jane finds herself drawn to the dark, erotic secrets held by the members of an elite gentleman's club that may hold the key to the mysterious notes that Jane is receiving, as well as the gruesome discoveries washing ashore from the Thames.

Featuring: Jane Elizabeth Goodwin, Inspector Randolph Mansfield, William Everett Whitehall, Madam MacFarland, Clarice and Jonesy, and Russian illusionist, Vladimir Kerchovski.

Jane is my heroine who appears innocent, but has had her share of heartbreak. Resilient, strong-willed, she shows no fear in going after what she wants. Fresh-faced and determined, she become the target of a crazed stalker and the golden angel to a tortured soul--

In looking for the right person to portray that image, I found Charlize Theron to be the quintessential "Jane Goodwin."

Now understand, Jane will do what she must to obtain her story, even going against the advice of Inspector Mansfield to search for her mysterious stalker.

And so she gets hired as one of Madam McFarland's ladies...

...much to the dismay of  the dark, brooding Inspector Mansfield who now not only has to deal with his own skeletons, and a murderer on the loose in a tension filled  sweltering hot  London summer, but now has a tempting American woman whose determination to go head to head with him, frustrates and arouses him until he cannot tell if she is demon or angel--

A bevy of  interesting secondary characters accompany this crew in this scintillating story of secrets, sex and sizzling heat--

Decidedly darker, with a gothic underbelly feel that I so love to explore--I hope that you look forward to the fun of reading The Dark Seduction of Miss Jane as I am  in writing it!!;)

More to come!

Amanda ;)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Coffee Talk: Guest Author, Rae Winters

Welcome to Thursday Coffee Talk! Today we continue our blog tour of Arrow Publications and Lady Leo Publishing. Our guest today is the multi-talented , Rae Winters whose book  UNFINISHED BUSINESS, first book in the Girlfriends Series launched her introduction into eBooks and Lady Leo Publishing Company.

Rae Winters started writing romantic short stories and poetry over seven years ago and, she has been writing them ever since. An avid reader of romance, erotica, fiction, historical and mystery books, she decided to spin her own tales. She has sold six Cub Bites confession e-books, and she has three books that have been released as Apple Apps through Arrow Publications and She has published book reviews, sensual poems, and confession stories for five national women’s confession/romance magazine.  Rae is currently working on several erotica tales, short stories, and her first women’s fiction novel. Her first book for Red Rose Publishing is due out in August 2010.


Sydney Harris is ten days from walking down the aisle when her fiancé, Lance Edwards, develops cold feet. He skips town taking a transfer to the Washington, D.C. office. She's devastated, but sometimes trouble is a blessing in disguise.
Two years ago, Sydney dropped handsome Phoenix Sanders, a construction worker. She believed she’d been wasting her time with him, and he wasn’t serious about marriage. But when she proposes a marriage of convenience she will find out just how wrong shed been.

Nix came to the door, towel draped against his sculptured body, moisture from his recent shower dripping down his chest. He looked good enough to eat. My fantasy from yesterday’s business meeting came back in real time, as I stood there mesmerized by his body.

"Sydney, what are you doing here?"

"I need to talk to you, Nix."

"Make this quick, I've got an early call tomorrow morning," he said, opening the door wide enough for me to pass through.

My nose honed in on his after-shower-scent and I found myself wishing to join him in the shower as we had done many times before: showering, making love, and then showering again.

"This is a beautiful house, Nix. You just moved in?" I asked. We were surrounded by unopened boxes.

"Yeah, I moved in on Saturday."

"May I see the house, Nix?"

He didn't answer me, but he did shake his head which I took as a yes. I went exploring. The basement level was unfinished, and the main floor had a spacious kitchen, formal dining room, and a huge living room. Eagerly, I climbed the stairs to the second level, and found three bedrooms. Two of them were big enough for a nursery and a combination library-study.

I walked into his master bedroom which was the largest of the three bedrooms. It was elegantly furnished, and the walls had crown molding.

"Is this your work? I like what you're doing to it, celery green wall paint, and my favorite is the French doors. Where does that door lead to?"

"Sydney, did you come here to talk, or to see my new home?"

I could hear the annoyance in Nix's voice.

"I'm sorry. You know my passion for decorating a room. I think if you put the sleigh bed against the right wall, and not the left, it will give you even more space."

"I'm a foreman now, and I have to be in Staten Island at five A. M., so say whatever you have to say, now!"

Nix was now standing in front of me; his sherry-chocolate eyes smoldered me, and stopped me in my tracks. I slowly backed away from him, feeling sexually threatened. He smelled so good, his chest glistened, and I wanted, no needed to touch him. I fought my inward desires, because I was wet with need, and I needed to talk to him...

Can you describe your favorite hero/heroine?
My heroes are take charge kind of men, but at the same time can be tender to their women. He would rub her feet after a hard day at the office, run her bath water, and tuck her into bed seeing to her physical needs above his own. He isn’t without flaws—stubborn, audacious at times, but sexy, and great in bed.

My heroines are independent, strong, and feisty women who aren’t afraid of going after the men in their lives. They will protect their men at all cost. Even going up against whoever would hurt them—ex-lovers, family members, etc. Together they’re unstoppable—passionate, and they would light up the sheets.

To add to the fun this week, Rae is giving away an ebook copy of her new book! Just leave a comment to  enter your chance to win!  Reader Question: How would you react if you discovered the office vixen touching your boyfriend in an inappropriate manner? This is the man you love. You've been living with him for the past two years. Would you be quick to judge him based on the evidence before you?

You can learn more about Rae and her books at

Thanks Rae! Join us next week when we welcome another author of Lady Leo Publishing and Arrow Publications on their summer blog tour!  

Until next time~

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Forbidden Pleasures: Torin & Alyson's Story

Britannia, 400 A.D.
Torin has dedicated his life to battle, first as a Roman warrior and now defending his native Britannia from the Saxons. Finding pleasure with a woman is far from his mind--until he encounters Alyson, a flame-haired Celtic servant who arouses his desire like never before.

Alyson is also drawn to the strong yet gentle warrior, especially when she feels magic in his touch. How could she resist his allure when the gods themselves compel her to be with him? But while fate may have a special destiny in store for Torin, it is Alyson's choice to act on their passion....

Sharing with you the lovely cover art from Harlequin Spice for my upcoming extended Spice Briefs called FORBIDDEN PLEASURES ;)  The gods have done it again;)

So readers wouldn't have to wait to read about Torin, Sierra's banished brother from TORTURED--I was given permission to write an extended novella featuring what happened to Torin and how he and Alyson met in the months prior to Sierras escape from the Saxon prison.

Here then, is an excerpt of when Alyson receives her calling by the gods to become their messenger--going to Torin to explain his higher purpose in helping the Celtic people reclaim the land stolen from them by the brutal Saxons, led by Lord Aeglech. She is not exactly thrilled with the idea...

Below, lights flickered within the simple huts of a fragile new beginning. Alyson raised her arms toward the star-sprinkled sky, embracing the energy flowing from the land, its ancient wisdom bestowing to her a balance to her confused spirit, clearing her thoughts, emptying her mind.

Go to him.”

She held her eyes closed, focusing harder. Laughter and music from inside the villa filtered out into the night.

“Go to him.”

The voice, crystal clear, issued its command. She opened her eyes and scanned the darkness, expecting to see someone emerge from the shadows. Her spirit reverberated with her connection to the Goddess Mother Earth. She began to see not with human eyes, but with her spirit sight. Gooseflesh rose on her arms, her ears became aware of the tiniest sound. Breathless, she waited in awe-inspired wonder. Urged to do so, she turned to look at the gardens outside of the rooms that were prepared for the Roman guests. A soft wind lifted the hair from her neck and she debated the origin of this voice. Was it born of her own desire?

Go to him. He must believe.

She fought the voice in her head with her fists clenched her fists at her sides. Why must it be me who is your messenger? Such a request will serve to place my family in danger. What shall I say to him? Why would he believe what I say to him? Alyson knew that once the gods speak, her spirit would not be at rest until she’d completed the task, but that did not mean that she did not question the wisdom of it or the dangerous consequences if she was caught sneaking around the Roman quarters. She wished there was time to create a spell to reveal what she was to say to him. Instead she had only this nudging and the brief, but powerful vision. Her best hope was that when she encountered him, the gods would give her the words to say. As though prodded by a ghostly phantom she stumbled over a stone as she turned to pick her way over the uneven ground in the darkness.

Alyson paused, ducking behind a hedge and waited until the servants lighting the garden torches had passed. She hurried along the path toward the room designated for the guests, the coarse rock pressing against the thin soles of her slippers. As she neared the room, the thought occurred to her that she may well find Tulia in his bed. She glanced up again at the ethereal moon, challenging the gods. She hesitated, unsure whether to continue. At the far end of the villa, she could hear the musicians punctuated with applause and cheering. Not a soul, it seemed stirred within the guest rooms. Her heart raced and rather than take the risk, Alyson pushed from the wall, determined that she’d imagined the voices, in lieu of her own emotional entanglements about the Roman.

A firm hand over her mouth squelched the scream bubbling from her throat. Alyson froze, knowing from the size of the man’s body pressed against her that it was useless to struggle. Her brain fought to find a reasonable excuse to relay when she was brought before her Roman master.

“Sssh, I mean you no harm. Promise that you will not scream and I will remove my hand.”

His voice spawned a shiver across her shoulders. She nodded, tears prickling at the corners of her eyes. Alyson waited as he eased his hand away, his other however, still held her firm around her waist.

“First, I must ask you. Are you a spy for the Saxon?” His voice was firm.

Alyson’s throat grew parched from fear. “Nay,” she managed to squeak. The warmth of his embrace was not like any she’d known, her insides quivered with familiarity. Though she’d yet to see the face of her captor, she knew already it was the man she was sent to speak to.

“If you try to run, I will call my men. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she whispered and as he dropped his hand, she turned to face him. “Do you think I would work for the general and spy for the enemy?” The sting of his words wounded her honor.

“My apologies, milady. Then with any luck, perhaps your coming to my room is for more personal reasons?” He slid the back of his knuckles down her cheek.

She was almost bewitched by his swaggering, smooth-talking confidence. She batted his hand away. “On the contrary, milord, you are lucky that I did not draw my blade thinking that you were a Saxon invader. What purposes have you for sneaking around in the dark?” she demanded.

He chuckled low. “Good lady, these are my quarters, are they not?” He waited a heartbeat before he spoke again. “Do you carry a blade, in truth?”

She stepped into a swathe of clear moonlight and hiked up her gown to show him the blade tied to her leg. “Rarely do I say what I do not mean, milord.”

He lifted his hands in defense, but his white smile showed in the shadows. “You have no further need to convince me. Now, if you are not a spy, nor are you here for…well, reasons that I must say I am saddened by, then why do you sneak into my chambers at such great risk?”

Watch for FORBIDDEN PLEASURES coming from Harlequin Spice Briefs September 2010.

have a good one! back to the writing dungeon....


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Thursday Coffee Talk: Candy Caine 7.08.10

This week On TCT, I am pleased to welcome to House of Muse, erotic romance author, Candy Caine aka Candace Gold! Candy writes for Lady Leo Publishing and is afflilated through Arrow Publishing with their Apple Distribution program. Please welcome Candy to House of Muse!!

Tell us a bit about how you got started writing:
Believe it or not, I began my writing career writing for children. I guess the really big thrill came when the Chicken Soup people sent me a postcard asking if I’d like to submit a story for Chicken Soup for the Kid’s Soul. I was already writing for adults at this time but wrote a simple story off the top of my head and was surprised when it was selected by a panel of kids. I guess, had I not been in a convenience store in Arizona and plucked a confessions magazine off the impulse rack as I waited to be checked out, I might be still a children’s writer today.

 My favorite genre will always be confessions. With confessions you’re limited only by your imagination. Since it is written in the first person, you can try out new careers. In one week, I was a hooker, travel agent, teacher, librarian and a doctor. I write all types of romance from sweet to suspenseful and usually end up blending several genres together. Though I’m usually wrestling with the here and now, I also have a paranormal coming out next year with Lyrical Publishing. And then there’s the erotica which Candy Caine is known for. That’s my husband, Robert’s, favorite by the way. He likes to make certain the writing is authentic.

Can you give us a sneak peek at your latest release?
From Grandma’s Handyman:

When Shawna Washington finds the man she's been living with in bed with another woman, she scratches his name off her Christmas list and leaves him. However, she discovers getting him out of our life is not so easy. She takes a vacation to visit her grandmother thinking it will help her stay away from men and their tangling relationships. Only grandma has her own agenda. She tries every way possible to fix Shawna up with her handyman, Roy Smith. Does Grandma’s plan work?

A question I like to ask my readers and my guests-what is your definition of the "perfect" hero or heroine?:
As for my definition of a hero, aside from having gorgeous eyes, he is selfless and caring, yet strong. Far from perfect, he has flaws that keep him human. Great body, though. He’s got integrity, but willing to tell a white lie if it is necessary. He’s also willing to sacrifice or give up something near and dear to him for the sake of my heroine and though his determination may waiver at times, he remains steadfast in this cause. He’s the one who stands behind someone encouraging and supporting them when no one else will. That brings up his loyalty and gallantry. My hero does the deed with a modest style that is unique to him. However, above all he has compassion which actually makes him the man he is, for without it, he’d only be a hunky-looking tin man taking the wrong route to the Emerald City.

As for my heroines, to be honest…I’m totally jealous of them. They are beautiful and intelligent. Somehow they always survive all the trauma and disasters I throw at them. And the ones in my erotica, definitely have more fun in bed than I do. Enough said.

**Question for our readers?** Leave Candy your thoughts and you might win what Candy is dishing out! ;))

If you could tell the writer what kind of plotline you’d like her to incorporate into her next story, what would it be?

More from Arrow Publication's interview with Candace can be found at: Straight From Arrow
Lady Leo Publishing

Learn more about Candy and her books at :

Thanks for coming by HOUSE OF MUSE Candy and all the best to you in your writing!!

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After a short hiatus,(that is to say, deadlines & family) I am pleased to bring back a popular feature here at House of Muse--Thursday Coffee Talk.
Featured guests in the next few weeks will include  authors from LADY LEO PUBLISHING via ARROW PUBLICATIONS who brings to online readeres their popular My Romance stories done is comic book form. Here is a bit about the sponsor of My Romance Story. You can read more about them and where they will be appearing at conferences around the country, sharing this bright, innovate method of storytelling. I spoke to Katie Johnson , PR Director of Arrow Publications and here is what she told me about Arrow...

Amanda: Tell us a bit about Arrow Publication.

Katie: Arrow Publications, LLC, a 26-year-old publishing company based in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, is the publisher of, a new venture in romantic-suspense novellas that is growing in popularity among romance fiction and graphic novel readers.

Amanda: What is My Romance Story?Katie: MyRomanceStory, an imprint of Arrow Publications, LLC, is the premier source for romance graphic novels for the iPhone, in eBooks and in paperbacks available in English and Spanish. To find our titles in iTunes App Store—search by keywords “Arrow Publications ”.

Amanda: Can anyone submit to My Romance Story?
Katie: Authors and illustrators who wish to submit to Arrow Publicaitons, LLC can go to there are complete instructions on the page.

 Besides publlishing and promotion of My Romance Story, Arrow Publications also helps authors and publishers with getting distribution through the Apple App Store. Here is what it says on their website-

If you are an Author or Publisher with original content, Arrow Publications can assist you in getting your titles up in the Apple App Store. Titles are not limited to romance fiction or graphic novels. We will accept short stories, novels in any genre, cookbooks, self-help, health and fitness books or other publications. Arrow handles the technical requirements, billing, reporting, and provides some promotion. There are no up-front fees, and the author or publisher retains all rights. Contact us at for more information on our program.

Beginning Thursday 7/8/2010--we'll hear from author, Candace Caine/Candace Gold of Lady Leo Publishing and soon Lyrical Press.

*Lady Leo Publishing is an Electronic e-book/POD publishing company bringing you quality fiction stories in Confessions, Short Stories, and Novellas all across the genre spectrum

I hope you'll join me to hear more about Candy's new book-"Grandma's Handy Man"  (thats enough to make you sit up and take notice;)

Until then, be well!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Laughter is Good For you!

This one goes out to my good friend Julie and to Ga Ga fans everwhere! Too funny!

Have a safe and Happy Canada day to all my Canadian friends  Happy  4th to those celebrating  this weekend here in the USA!!