Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A belated Mother's Day thought of another kind...

Interestingly, for the life of an author, you quite often find yourself anticipating the release of one book, while trying to write on deadline for another book. And while I am giddy about the fact that one book is about to be released, it is that moment when I turn in those last edits and have editorial approval that spawns great joy in me! Well, that and receiving my author copies in the mail! To see the words that you labored over for nearly nine months from start to finish, bound and in print, is a thrill akin to going through labor and delivery-and having that precious bundle being handed to you.

In that time frame when you begin to feel as though you eat and sleep with your characters (figuratively speaking , of course) the connection is strong, but there comes a time when you have to move on, to let go of the book, those characters and let them proceed on their own.

Not unlike that first day of kindergarten, when you watch your child go through that school door and you know that there will be those who like them and those who will not. You know that what you have learned in preparing them for this moment is as much of an education for you.

That all the heart and soul that you've poured into that inevitable moment--when you have to let go--comes from a pure love, a respect and a desire to have that story be the best it can be.

It may become wildly popular, it may sit on the side of the gym, reclusive, yet teeming with potential. But whatewver happens now, happens on its own merit. And like with any child, you love it  when others don't and temper copious praise with humilty and grace, while all the while beaming with internal pride that you were gifted with having a hand in its creation.

I can't speak for all authors, but certainly while subjects such as art, music and reading is subjective in their results--even for me--I have to take pause to remember , as I stare at the shelves and shelves of books in a bookstore-that these are the "literary children" of countless of author parents. Some who I know, and others whom I shall probabaly never meet--but our commonality, one and all, is in the creating of that story, to share with others and hopefully gain a reader friend or two.

This is why I love to hear back when someone has read one of my books. Its kind of like hearing that your kid did something extraordinary for someone and the sense that in all of that, you must have done something positive that stuck--resonating with another human being.

To all of the real-life mom's out there, the grandma's, sisters, aunts and best friends that influence our daily lives-a belated Happy Mother's Day.

And to all the authors-non gender specific-a wish for many more 'proud parent' moments with your "literary children"--may they be a source of joy for you and for others;)

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