Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Spring! A sneek peek into FORBIDDEN PLEASURES

For those of you who may not know, when an author goes AWOL for copious amounts of time, it usually means they are holed up writing. Such has been the case for me, amongst creating costuuming for a high school musical and preparing for the upcoming Romantic Times convention)

For those interested, TORIN"S story--FORBIDDEN PLEASURES-- Is nearly finished..which is to say the first draft is nearly finsihed and already I know that there will be some snipping to be done as I've gone clean over my word count;) Thats okay though, the revising is always easier once the words are on the page!

Torin, for those who may not know, is Sierra's younger brother, who is banished and left for dead when the two are captured and taken to the evil Lord Aeglech. Believed to be dead, years later Sierra will discover that a new prisoner--a roman warrior by the name of Dryston--holds the secret to Sierras' past and her hope for the future. But when at last the two siblings meet, so much as happened to separate their lives, that Torin is left with notyhing but mistrust for her. Only by the help of his longtime friend and lover, Alyson is Torin able to see past his anger, embrace his past and so move forward with what the fates have in store for him.

Torins story , goes back to when he first meets Alyson and the circumstances surrounding the forbodden blossoming of passion between them. Set near Baden and the sacred Roman pools believed to be the gateway to the Underworld, Torin and Alyson must face the dangers concieved by hatred and jealousy and overcome the demoinc spirit that threatens to split them apart for all eternity.

Those of you who know me, understand that I am a visual type of person. Art inspires me, costuming, setting, exotic time periods--all get me excited to the possibilities and "what if's" of are a few pics that have inspired my images of FORBIDDEN PLEASURES

My image of Alyson-a druid witch, servant to General Ambrosius and his niece Tulia. Bewitches Torin completely!

My image of the dangerously jealous , Roman Niece of Genreal Ambrosisus--Tulia.  She is a wicked, spoiled  little wench, whose sights are cast on Torin and she means to have him, no matter what the cost!

and of course, my inspiration for Torin has always been the easy on the eyes-Henry Cavill ;)

Watch for FORBIDDEN PLEASURES  releasing  in September 2010 in a special extended length Spice Briefs!

I hope you are all enjoying warmer temps and no flooding dangers where ever you live!

Personally , Im ready for spring! One of my fav stations on itune radio is the Ambient station and the Birdsong station--it's like sitting on the front porch on an early morning--coffee in hand, listeing to the sounds of the birds waking around you.Absoultely amazing if you're into that kind of thing;)

If you take a listen, let me know what you think!

Back to the writing desk!