Friday, February 5, 2010

Meet Thomas Rodin...

When life happens as it does to us all from time to time, the world as you know it is tossed to and fro. You stumble about searching for the familiar. Metaphorically speaking, this is what happened in my life recently when my mother suffered a stroke that we would discover affected every aspect of her ability to communicate.

Before now, I enjoyed writing. I love sitting down to a blank page and letting the colors of my imaginatioin paint a colorful story that captures a readers fantasies!

But never has it meant more to me than it does now--this gift of being able to commuinicate a story , to move others, touch a life, create a smile--or a swoon;) It means more to me now than before.

My mom encouraged the artistic streak inside me. An amazing artist in her day, before arthritis made crooked her fingers, she was called on for many events in our community to use her talent. It serves as a challenge to me on many levels. She has always been proud of my work as a writer and supportive. And it is by her tenacity to recover completely that I have serendipitously been able to find my balance again. And so I thought you might like to meet Thomas Rodin. I haven't brought him home yet to meet my mom, but I'm guessing she will like him and I hope that you will to...

Character stats, Thomas Rodin:

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210
Hair: Honey-Brown-unruly curls-worn to collar
Eyes: Startling blue-green
Build: atheletic from genetics and walking
Profession: Pre-Raphaelite artist, eccentric
Clothing: prefers late renaissance, velvet and cuffs a must
Pet-peeves: anyone else to touch his painting area
Favorite drink: Port
Favorite food: Oysters
Favorite pasttime: after painting? Sex.
What he thrives on: passion--of many types
What he detests: the facade of Victorian protocal
Greatest achievement: being true to himself
Greatest regret: Grace
Worst feature: impatience
Best feature: *grin* can that be printed here?
Greatest wish: That people will love him for who he is.

A Sneak Peek at THE MASTER & THE MUSES coming June 2010 from Spice

London late 19th century


I have been called many things--reckless, arrogant, perverted, self-absorbed, and, my personal favorite, an artist of the “fleshy school.” Perhaps these allegations are true, I do not deny them, but to those stifled critics of my work, I turned a deaf ear and listened instead to the beat of my heart, the siren song of my passion.

Had I listened to the naysayers of my work, to the critics who sought to box in my genius, my very soul, I daresay I would not have taken up a single brush.

In truth, I believe the critics are correct in their assessment of my incorrigible behavior. Daring to be different was, and is still, the very essence of my creativity. I am nothing if not tenacious in my beliefs, and proud to be so.

These would-be art connoisseurs know nothing of true art. Their view is monocular, dull and lifeless, linear and plain. It does not see the emotion of a woman’s faint blush of arousal, of her cheeks in bloom at seeing her beloved, of her eyes bright and shining in the afterglow of passion. No, to paint such beauty, one must experience it, feel it and grasp it. No classroom, no stack of books can teach these things.

Despite my parent’s wishes, I was not destined to be a religious man. Rather I consider myself a spiritualist, a believer in karma, more so than doctrine.

My passion lies in the tip of my brush, but my inspiration are women. They are my muses. I ask you, what creature in all the earth epitomizes such beauty and grace? Many artists have tried to capture the beauty of this world. Even so, there are few things more persuasive than the delicate color of a woman’s flesh. What could be more inspiring than the soft curve of her shoulder poised to carry the burdens of her world or the pout of her sumptuous mouth determined to carry those burdens with dignity?

Rescued from the mundane existence of their lives, my muses needed no coercion. Fame, independence, appreciation—that is what I gave them in return.

My pulse quickens to think of our conversations, the wine we drank, the free-spirited love we made. I was asked once if I ever loved one more than the other? To that I say, how can a man love only his arm, and not his leg, or his eye, or his mouth? I loved each one for the life she breathed into me, inspiring my work. I could no more hold them to me forever than I could hold a sunbeam.

Reality and art, in many ways, are one. To my moral censors, I ask how could I not fall in love with each of my muses? Each represents a part of my soul. No, to each one I was utterly and completely a devoted slave.

Did they know this? It will not add to my days to know that answer. Life, love—it is what it is. I was both their savior and their sin. I rescued them from the ordinary, redeemed them with the stroke of my brush.

In my quest to capture the perfect image, I may not have been aware of all my muses had to endure. But I offered them new worlds, new adventures. If that makes me a selfish bastard, then I accept my guilt with open arms.

Do I have regrets? What good Italian does? The bad has given me a better appreciation for the good. The good reminds me that while it is welcome, it is also fleeting. I have tasted the cup of life and offer no apologies.

To you, my muses, I raise my evening port. You have fueled my imagination and lust. Without your inspiration, I would not be the man I am. Helen, my innocent, fervent in your private desires. Sara, my socialite, always reaching for more. And Grace, in saving you, I saved myself.

I am forever slave, mentor and pupil to your inspiration,


Catch more of a chat with Thomas and more excerpts as we count down to the release of THE MASTER AND THE MUSES.

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May the wind be at your back~



Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Ms. A., I will say it again ~ you are the only woman I will ever say that has some Mad Wicked Writing Skills. ***bowing to you woman** You are amazing. You truly have the gift most seek. Which is why when asked... who is one of my top favorite authors I do not have to think long - you are there. I love your work. O...M...G... I am dying over here. I want more Thomas. But I have to ask something and you are probably going to tell me wait till I get the book... Does he ever fall in love and does he have a HEA with a woman?? Yea, I am asking for a lot. But for some reason, seeing the type of person he is... I get the feeling he love as he goes... never settling down.

You know that my prayers are with you and your family. And your mother has taught us all something (or at least I hope all) that we take communication for granted. We think speech when someone says that, but as you have pointed out... we have much more than our speech... Use it! Thanks Ms. A! Love ya sister friend!

Anonymous said...

I love Thomas' Character stats! And from what you described that cover is right on and just as gorgeous on it's own. What a piercing stare!
I just finished Tortured, did I like it.... welll .... it ROCKED. Loved it, so much that I just bought the audio for my commute. I do love authors who put their books to audio as well. I always buy them for those books on my keeper shelf. Another way to connect with the characters as if you were watching a live movie. Just delicioso!
I can't wait to read more! Thanks for the teaser!!! ;-)

Brande/Book Junkie

Amanda McIntyre said...

I'm so glad you liked Tortured, Brande! Now tell me true, Dryston or Lord Aeglech? I have had readers who fell in love with bad boy Aeglech and that was unexpected! LOL

True dat on Thomas' eyes-you just kind of want to say, "Whatever you want,darlin'." :))

good to hear from you!

Genella deGrey said...

Thomas is desserty.
Heh heh heh -

Amanda McIntyre said...

He'd like that you thought so, G.;)


Veronica Bennet said...

What beautiful your words Amanda. They feel your pain, but also the desire to go forward, to be strong and continue to believe.
Even if only virtually, know that you are near.

The description of Thomas is beautiful. I must admit that the cover is perfect, it reflects faithfully and pushes me to dream about him.
Splendid also extracted. Gave me a great desire to read the book and I trust Italian publishing. I hope to read soon.

Thank you for sharing the extract of the novel and thanks for being passed from my site. You are always welcome.

Amanda McIntyre said...

Your new site decor is even more beautiful , Veronica! Thank you for stopping in and leaving such kind words.

I hope it will translate to Italian as well though I do not know if it will. Thanks you for sending the link to the Italin version of Winters Desire!

I hope you will find the stories inside worthy of the glorious cover!;))


Kristi Cook said...

Love the character stats, Amanda! What a clever idea, and a great way to 'get to know' your characters! Can't wait for the book. :o)

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks Kristi . I was thinking that might be a nice way for us to get to know your chracters in your new YA series as well???

Thomas doesn't mind sharing his stats, in fact he rather prides himself in the task.;)

He has an artist's ego and an old soul that despite his faults, makes him truly,ridiculously delicious;)


Unknown said...

Hi Amanda!

I'd like to take one of him to go please, beautifully painted picture, loved the stats! I loved the peek into the character of Thomas, master, teacher, and pupil. LOVED IT!

Hope you're all doing well.

Dottie :)

Amanda McIntyre said...

Hey Tink!
So great that you stopped by! We're holding out own here, thanks;)

Perhaps Thomas utters a self-prophecy in his letter because in this book you will see how he was truly all three.

And I know there has been concern whether (or perhaps how) there can be an HEA. But rest assured , though the road may be rocky and littered with potholes and detours. I think everyone turns out where they need/want to be.

Thomas can be a charmer;)

I am delighted with how it turned out and I hope you will be, too;)