Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Writing what you know.

I imagine this is what precipitates those comments that I am sometimes asked.."So, how do you RESEARCH those books that you write?" Well, not EVERYTHING involves writing what you know or have experienced directly...obviously, when writing history, one can't expereince that time frame firsthand--however, for many of us, there is a seed of true life in what we write.

Thomas Rodin was no happenchance character for me. Even in Diary of Cozette, he personified real bits of a real person--and artist at truth, me.

It was very natural to understand Thomas's POV, his free-spirit, his eye for seeing things that most pass by-and though he is a man--with all the desires and needs of a man--he , I think understood the women in his life, perhaps even better than they did on occassion.

Let's take a look as he speaks to a very skeptical and scarred Cozette about to have her first art lesson with the artist Thomas Rodin...


I walked to him and he positioned me in front of the mirror.

“Remember when I asked if you’d ever looked upon your reflection?”

I nodded, my gaze fixed on the drab color of my black uniform. My complexion appeared pale in contrast, my dark hair loose and of no real vibrancy as my mistress. My eyes, a deep blue, appeared lifeless, large and sad in a way that gave me pity for the wretched creature standing before me. I seemed rather pitiful at that. Had my anger at Fran├žois and concern for my mistress taken its toll, making me look old and withered?

“What do you see?”

His enthusiastic face appeared over my shoulder, pulling me from the downward spiral of my assessment. I swore in silence that I would never look upon another mirror for the rest of my days. I faced him most aware of my deplorable state. “Must I, Mr. Rodin? I have far better an imagination.”

He turned my chin to face the mirror.

“No, this is of the utmost importance. Trust me, my dear. Look at your clothing, stare deep into your eyes, see the beauty of the soul inside.”

“It is futile, Mr. Rodin. I am as I am, and I cannot be the beauty you wish me to be.”

He smiled then.

“I do not wish you to see what you cannot, I wish you to see the beauty that I see. Beauty my dear, is not limited to what you see. It lies here…within.”

He placed his palm over my heart and though fully clothed, the heat from his warm hand, seared my flesh.

“You possess great courage. Look how you hold your chin, so proud.”

I forced myself from his gaze in the mirror and met mine. I’d often thought of myself as rebellious, even to a fault, but never once considered my self as a person of great courage.

“And yet there is gentleness as well, a soft, feminine side that is alluring to the astute male. You don’t parade it as some women, because of your courage. You have no need to.”

I studied my reflection with keener observation, listening carefully to each word he uttered. I do not pretend to understand his skill in seeing through to my very center, but he did.

“Even so, Mr. Rodin, it has been my most unfortunate experience that there are far fewer astute men in this world.”

I wanted Thomas to understand women in order to see the beauty that they didnt see in themselves. Like the artist he is, having a vivid imagination and a healthy male appetite, you can see how matters of the heart would be especially challenging to him. Women, to Thomas's way of thinking, in all the assortments of shapes, sizes and background-are equated to walking into a candy store. He'd sooner have his fillof several kinds than to just choose one...

The coupling of his imagination to the beauty and potential that he sees in a woman, far precedes that which comes after they agree to pose for him! Hence, while "They are his inspiration. He is their obsession."
 Let the scandal, passion, heartache and victory that is life--begin!

Like Thomas, I am an artist. Those who know me know how much fun I get out of creating something from a seedling of an idea. I tend to look at things from a multi-faceted POV-checking every angle (sometimes to  near insanity)

 So when the unexpected interest in Thomas rose from DOC, it didnt take any arm-twisting to fashion a world based on the eccentric Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and plop my boy, Thomas smack dab into  the thick of things, as the "ringleader' of this group of eclectic talented group of men. Getting to know Thomas better-his reckless lust for life, his definte opinions, his desire to stand out above the rest in his own unique style--could I say no to him?

No better than any of his muses did, no.
And so Thomas had his way with me-and allowed me to tell his story, I think so that other women might see bits of themselves in theses stories and leave you wondering...could you say no to Thomas Rodin?

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