Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One of those Life passage moments

Age happens. I can remember looking at my parents when they weere in their forties and fifties and thinking ,"Wow, they are geezers."  Not so much anymore;)

I've been absent of late due to family matters-that of the signs that all of us will one day age and become vulnerable(noreso) to the ailments of an aging body. My mother suffered a mild stoke on Janurary 20, in the midst of a devastating ice storm we were having in the midwest. She is doing better--each day--but it has left her with a struggle to use words to communicate.  In all other things, thankfully, she is well.

But the experience has made me realize how precious these very attributes-speech, thought, reason , movement--can be gone in an instant.

With rehab, I am hopeful that she will regain much of her speaking abilities. She is an independent, dare I say--strong-willed woman, so she has that in her favor. She has her humor as well and is laughing again, which is heaven-scent.

So, if you have a mom or grandma close to you, be sure to hug them and tell them how much you love them. This has made me even more aware of how resilent that women are, inspiring me in ways I never thought in my writing.

My thanks for the emails, thoughts and prayers regarding mom-each one is precious to me.

If I'm not blogging as much right now, this is why. But I'm gearing up to make some visits to blogs in the weeks to come, dragging a very blue-eyed and willing Thomas Rodin along with me;))

What more could you ask? ;))

Til later then, be well and know that I am thinking of you all~