Sunday, January 10, 2010

Defying Gravity!

A scant two years ago, I made a decision to close my eyes and leap into a line of books that I knew would stretch the parameters of not only my writing, but my view of life as well. I became a writer for Spice.

With a rich and amazing experience writing in various genres of romance for small press and e-book under my real name, I embraced the wisdom of a woman I met early on in my writing journey who said,"A good author can write anything."   I approached this opportunity with an innovative new book line at Harlequin  and the result was my first book, DIARY OF COZETTE-the story of a young orphaned woman in Victorian England, her story of survival, finding her place in this world and ultimately, finding that her happiness wasn't entirely devoted to finding Mr. Right, but in finding herself worthy of Mr. Right.(and him of her!)

Pushing the evelope a bit further, my next book, TORTURED, was set in the Dark Ages (on purpose!) the challenge for me to see if love (albeit happiness) could actually survive such a tumultuous era. Another story with a heroine who must learn to survive her circumstances and the man who , by believing in her even when she didn't herself, inspired  her to break free of her internal prison.(As well as her external!)

Clearly, in my world, the path to love is never linear;) But life isn't linear--its complicated, messy, challenging--if we didn't have those aspects, we would truly never understand a Happily Ever After or even a Satisfied Ever After!

In my upcoming erotic historical fiction novel,(yes with elements of romance) to be released in June 2010, I again challenged myself to write a book that would stretch the parameters of my writing. Embracing the ego-centric artist, Thomas Rodin and his life-changing effect on three of his models--all from different places in life, with different goals--became an intricate tapestry of personalties and events that culmulnate to an ending that will surprise, delight, perhaps affect readers in ways they don't expect;)

This book, by publisher's request, was written in an unusual form using three novellas-all three from the heroine's POV as she retells her story, her experiences, and her growth in  becoming a model for the reckless and passionate artist, Thomas Rodin. Yet in the process (as pointed out to me by a good friend who read the book in various stages) we ALSO get to see, through the eyes of these women, the evolution of a man who is on his own journey -not only with his artistic work, but in his personal life.

Based loosely on the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, a rebellious group of young artists led by Daniel Gabrielle Rosetti, this book once more stretched the parameters of my comfort zone. Three women and one man? And it's not a menage? LOL

Passionate, yes. Tortured souls, defintely. Erotic, certainly, it's Spice.;) Outside the box, indeed.

I wanted to write a book worthy of its beautiful cover and my editor, thankfully, believes whole-heartedly, that I have--but more than that--I believe that I have. I hope you do, too!


Watch your favorite online bookstore for pre-order info!
COMING JUNE 2010 from Spice


Amy C said...

I am glad that you closed your eyes and took that leap! Diary of Cozette is a story that I still think about. It really is an amazing story of her sexual journey and discovering who she is, who she wants to be. And in that book I met Thomas Rodin. I remember asking you about him, and if we would ever get to see more. I was absoluetly delighted when you said you had an idea for a story for him! And now it's almost here. And I'm so excited for you! You have an amazing gift, and I'm so happy that you have a place to express it at Spice!

Unknown said...

Hi Amanda!

I glad you took the leap too! Dang, that's a sweet cover, and I know the prose within the pages will be just as sweet.

I hope you have an amazing year!

Dottie :)

Amanda McIntyre said...

Hey, Amy ;) You've no idea how inspired authors are when readers enjoy their books. I am so blessed with those I've met on this journey!

Watch for a surprise coming up here at House of Muse! THE LOST MEMOIRS OF THOMAS RODIN!


Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks for the flyby, Tink!;) I hope you enjoy meeting Thomas and the girls!

Aren't those eyes killer?? *sigh Spice outdid themselves and I'm gathering an arsenal of giveaways for RT and the release launch!

I should offer too, that anyone can pick up the countdown widget of they like!! not really begging...but he is pretty;)

Stay tuned!!


Amy C said...

Yes! Those eyes are intense! Honestly, everytime I see the cover I have to take a moment just to stare back at him! And remind myslef that he's not REALLY looking at ME! LOL

You know, my husband will tell me that I should forget Amy and only be called Amanda. He says it's a sexy name :). It's just hard after being called Amy most of the time, to give it up. I mean, I will answer to Amanda. I was called it still growing up. Especially through school. I have an uncle that calls me Amanda. A lot of times when I was younger and I heard my mom call me Amanda wiht my middle name attached, well, that meant I was in troooouuuuble!!! LOL My sister did name her daughter after me. I haven't seen her in years, but we call her Manda :). And when I sign my name for anything, it's always Amanda. Funny thing, I have to actually THINK about writing Amy.

Oh, The Lost Memoirs of Mr. Rodin :D!

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Hey Ms. A! You know that I had to step in here - even for a quick jump. You know I absolutely adore you and all of your writing. I too can agree with the ladies above me, that I am for one very thankful that you took that leap in the unknown. Because not only would I be missing some awesome books, but I most importantly, I would be missing a great friendship.
You know I already love your writing skills - they are super mad girl! But it is your voice and spirit that go along with those words you put to paper. You are amazing! And you know I will tell everyone about your passion for writing and make them read the book...!!!
Love you honey!
And PS... You know I can not wait for Mr. Thomas to show up at my door.... Oh gosh... Amy.. he is staring at me!!! LMBO!!!! This story is going to work honey!! Again... once it is in my greedy hands, I will go in my cave to read and not come out till I have read it from cover to cover.

Amanda McIntyre said...

Hey sister friend, thanks for stopping in! You made me cry-there.*wobbly grin*
I like 'super mad" One of my goals is to be eccentric LOL
I have to admit that I gazed on this cover more than once while finishing this book. They couldnt have captured his persona-the glint in his eye--any better.

As I've said numerous times-I pray that I've written a book worthy of that cover;) Fortunately, my editor believes I have and in my heart,I believe it.
But like preparing a wonderful meal for guests, an author always waits for that first taste-hoping that its everything and more that her guests expected.

I hope after reading it, readers sit back and sigh and toast Thomas with a glass of wine;)

Sometimes in interviews, I've been asked" Of all your characters, who would you want to meet." Thomas Rodin.

I'm a sucker for the artist-types that have few boundries, live to the max and don't hold back.

I so appreciate the readers that allow for new authors and new ideas. Precious.

Yes--Amy, up close & personal with Thomas Rodin...;)


Genella deGrey said...

The Lost Memoirs Of Thomas Rodin?
I could eat that man up with a spoon.

Amanda McIntyre said...

Perhaps Ben & Jeryys coulod come up with a flavor for him???LOL

hum...that will have me pondering today..

Thanks G for taking time in your very busy day to stop by!